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Top 5 iOS Application Development Challenges Faced by Developers

Top 5 iOS Application Development Challenges Faced by Developers

 Apple is known for its reliable app market. It is not easy to build an app for iOS because of the strict checks from apple. Yet, the app market is flooded with unique ideas. And unique ideas bring new challenges for iOS developers. The article will compile a few of the critical challenges faced by iOS developers in the iOS mobile app development process.

Critical Challenges Faced by iOS Developers During iOS App Development Process.

Obtaining the App Store’s Approval

After a complex process of mobile app development, it is not easy to launch an app instantly. You require approval from Apple until your app is live. In the meantime, Apple checks your app, and even a minor mistake will reject your approval from Apple. So, iOS developers face challenges in meeting every minute detail in the guideline of Apple for uploading on the App store. For every rejection, iOS development companies or top iOS app developers have to revisit their app and correct all the feedback from apple.

Maintaining the Compatibility

iOS mobile app development is not an easy project. Although, there are fewer complexities, unlike android, where the number of devices is massively different screen sizes and compatibility. Yet, iOS mobile app development takes hard work to maintain compatibility. Apple targets a premium market, and your mobile app must be very efficient in terms of performance and overall user experience. Whether iOS developers are building apps for iOS or Apple gadgets, it must be perfect in every aspect. Further, adopting the new versions and updating your app with apple policies is strict from apple, so maintaining the compatibility of the app for a long time is challenging for iOS developers.

Optimizing the Battery Usage

iOS developers have to maintain a strong optimization between the functionalities, performance, and battery of smartphones. Users do not want to compromise on performance and, at the same time, want long lasting battery usage after scrolling through their favorite apps for hours. iOS developers faced a dilemma in reducing the total battery usage parallel to the performance. To reduce battery consumption in iOS devices, iOS developers have to ensure a series of steps. It starts with following the battery saving standards of Apple’s app store. They also have to ensure the network requests and frequence of carriers. Further, iOS developers defer unnecessary code in their mobile app that is consuming and using the battery. 

Storage and Memory Challenges

We have limited storage on our iOS devices. iOS does not provide an option to expand the memory neither through virtual memory nor through physical memory. Memory restricts the overflowing size of the application. iOS developers have to optimize the same so that there are no memory leaks and apps do not shut down unexpectedly due to storage and memory limitations of devices.

Deploying a Secure App

iOS is known for security protocols, and people use iOS devices because iOS Apps are more secure than Android devices. But, iOS developer are responsible to carry security. While developing a mobile app, developers have to think about every possible threat and risk involved in the mobile app. They also predict and analyze future threats so that their app is strong in terms of security for a sustainable amount of time. Tackling improving security is a complex task because critical information like the user’s personal details.

Ending Words

If you are an entrepreneur, the above article will undoubtedly assist you in understanding the top 5 possible challenges faced by iOS developers. You can discuss the above pointers with your iOS app development company or top iOS app developers and better understand the challenges from their point of view. The whole process leads to a smooth mobile app development process.


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