Top 6 Ways to Move Heavy Furniture Without Any Injury

Top 6 Ways to Move Heavy Furniture Without Any Injury

It is essential to understand how an apartment will be organized and how furniture will be distributed when buying it.

Moving heavy furniture can be a difficult task, regardless of whether you are moving or just rearranging your home. Also, if you are in Canada, you may want to know how to ship furniture across Canada easily and at a low cost.

Get help moving heavy furniture

It is not easy to move a tall dresser, file cupboard, or bookcase. To accomplish the task, you will need two people. Turn the item around so that it is at an angle. Have someone hold the top and the third person carry the bottom.

This helps to center the furniture and stops it from swinging. The angle of loading the item will be roughly the same as the slope of the stairs, making it easier to transport it up the stairs.


You can transport the armchairs by lifting them from the corners.

It can be difficult for large armchairs to move. We recommend that you keep the armchair on its side so that the back and seat form an “L”. Then, remove the corners to make it easier to transport.

If you have fragile items like a mirror, then you should know how to pack a mirror for moving without breaking it.


Use moving blankets to protect furniture

Moving blankets are invaluable for protecting your items and your apartment. These can be extremely helpful, even if you are not moving your belongings to another location.


Use a sling to transport mattresses

It is difficult to move a heavy mattress. Many mattresses have handles but they are not designed to be moved easily. These situations call for a simple sling to give you more control over the items you are moving.

Pass the rope through both handles of the mattress. You should ensure that the rope ends have something that can be held securely. Turn the mattress upside down so that the sling is at the bottom.


Eliminate obstacles in your way

Clear the area where you will be walking when you move the furniture. This heavy furniture will make it difficult to see where you are going. Make sure the path is free of obstructions. This will stop you from falling and tripping.

Toys, shoes, and other objects that might hinder your goals should be put away. Keep your pets away from your children and keep them out of reach. Accidents are more likely to happen if you don’t.


Make sure you have the right equipment

The following equipment is required when moving heavy furniture.


These are a great way to move heavy furniture easily without having to do too much. You can choose from a square or two-wheeled dolly, or a square dolly with four wheels.

You can place your items on the dolly, and then move them in the correct direction using the handle. It will be much easier to transport your belongings from one place to another with the help of wheels.


You don’t have to use your strength to lift heavy furniture upstairs. Ramps make it safer and easier to place large or heavy items on elevated areas.

Work gloves

If your furniture has sharp edges or jagged edges, these gloves can help to prevent injury. These gloves can prevent dirt and oils from getting on your furniture with your hands.

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