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Types of Doors manufactured by Stairway Studio

Types of Doors manufactured by Stairway Studio

There is no doubt that ancient homes lacked doors! There used to be a tunnel that served as the house’s entrance or exit. Door Manufacturers did eventually exist, but until then, people lived carefree lives and slept with their doors open. Even now, if you go to a tribal or isolated location, there aren’t many doors in the dwellings. They have a door that is either covered with a fabric or hay made of grass. There is still no such thing as a “door” there.

However, as time went on and everything underwent a process of change, dwellings were not an exception. They made progress in the process throughout time, and as a result, the idea of “home” has fundamentally transformed in the modern day. Today, “security” has grown to be a top priority. It is a significant concern, particularly in urban areas. As a result, technology intervened, and for security concerns, we now have doors that can only be opened with specific passwords.

Importance of Doors:

The doors must be strong enough to prevent being readily damaged or opened because there is a constant concern about robbery and burglary in large cities. However, since the homes began embracing the concept of doors, there is a component of art and décor linked with it in addition to protection, safety, and privacy. Today, it is the primary deciding factor because the other elements are inescapable and applicable to all types of doors.

Here, we’ll discuss the different kinds of doors and how they operate, are constructed, are arranged, and more depending on where they are, what materials were used to make them, where they are located, etc. 

Types of Doors based on their Location:

  • Exterior Doors

The front or exterior doors of a house are accorded the utmost importance. A house can enter or leave through its external doors, and they also offer a certain level of security. According to “R. Chudley” (Author of Construction Technology Volume-1), the external doors are provided with a suitable thickness, stability, and durability of construction. These doors must be weather resistant as they are exposed to varied climatic conditions. Paint and shine are applied as a protective finish to the outer doors. Typically, they are made of steel or wood. They are thoughtfully constructed to support many lock types.

  • Interior Doors

Interior doors serve more purposes than just dividing spaces and ensuring seclusion. Interior doors come in a range of forms and are often thinner than external doors. They come in a variety of materials. They are not exposed to the weather’s extremes.

Types of Doors based on Materials:

Knowing the materials that are available for different types of doors can enable you to choose your home’s doors more wisely. The doors are constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, steel, aluminium, glass, and PVC. Doors are divided into the following categories based on the materials used in their construction:

  • Timber or wooden doors

Interior door applications often involve wooden or timber doors. The doors’ oldest component is timber, which never seems to go out of style. There are several benefits to choosing wood, including the soundproofing, insulation, and security that wooden doors offer. They are simple to clean and install. They are durable. Since they are made of natural materials, they are more appealing. They do appear classy. They are expensive.

  • Glass doors

Your home would look more luxurious and beautiful with glass doors. They provide a clear path to the light in your house. Front doors with cut glass panels set into timber frames are a lovely alternative. This door’s drawback is that it’s simple to break them. As a result, they need to be handled carefully. With toughened glass, this would be more difficult to achieve.

  • Steel Doors

Both internal and exterior applications utilize steel doors. These doors have a steel face and an insulating foam core. It’s possible that they don’t appear as well as wooden or glass doors.

  • PVC Doors

PVC doors are convenient and lightweight. They look lovely and come in a variety of patterns and colors. These doors require little maintenance and do not corrode. They are not, however, scratch-proof.

  • Fiberglass Doors

Exterior applications are where fiberglass doors are most frequently employed. These doors may be readily molded into various forms and styles and come in a wide variety of design options. These doors are strong and resilient. They are typically chosen for inexpensive homes. In terms of appearance, they fall short of other varieties. Of course, they are affordable in terms of costs.

  • Aluminum Glazed Doors

The most typical use for aluminum doors with glass panels is in business settings. They are utilized as security doors since they are sturdy and long-lasting. With a whole aluminum panel, though, their appearance might not be as striking as others.

  • Fiber-oriented Plastic Doors

Doors made of fiber-reinforced plastic are also referred to as FRP Doors. The market offers it in a variety of hues and finishes. Doors made of fiber-reinforced plastic provide a number of benefits, including increased strength, little maintenance, all-weather resistance, simple manufacture, lightweight, and no corrosive elements.

Doors based on Door Shutter:

  • Folding Doors

Folding doors can be used alone or as folding partitions, allowing two rooms to be used independently or jointly depending on the situation. They are used more frequently in rooms with patio, garden, or veranda access, etc.

  • Sliding Doors

The sliding doors have steel, wooden, and glass shutters that are attached to steel rollers. Along a track that is provided at the top and bottom, these steel rollers move. Depending on the available opening, it has one or more sliding shutters. Sliding doors made of steel and wood were frequently employed in the past for big openings like godowns, workshops, garages, etc. Because sliding doors conserve space and improve utilization efficiency, they are now frequently utilized in offices and other crowded spaces.

  • Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are hinged close to one edge to spin about a vertical axis, according to “Frederick S. Merritt & Jonathan. On the door frame’s butts or hinges, it is hung. These doors have two action springs holding the shutter to the frame. As a result, the shutter can travel in both directions.

There are two different kinds of swinging doors: single-acting doors, which can swing a full 90 degrees in just one direction, and double-acting doors, which can swing a full 90 degrees in both directions. In offices, swinging doors are frequently employed.

  • Revolving Doors

The provisions are constructed for the revolving door to revolve around its central pivot. These doors automatically close and circle around one side of the shutter.

Revolving doors are preferable, according to “J.K. McKay” (Author of Building Construction Metric, Volume 4), to keep out draughts, reduce the amount of street noise that enters, and prevent heat losses.

Revolving doors are frequently used to control entry in high-traffic locations, such as high-rise buildings, public buildings, hospitals, etc.

  • Rolling Shutter Doors

The door shutter functions like a steel curtain in rolling shutter doors. The benefit of rolling shutter doors is that they don’t take up much room. These doors are incredibly sturdy, long-lasting, and safe. They are primarily utilized in businesses, garages, factories, workshops, and shop fronts, among other places.


To conclude the whole thing, we can say that the choice of doors ultimately depends on the following factors:

 It must satisfy the intended functions:

  • Ensure privacy, safety, and security
  • Easy to make and use
  • Aesthetic look and appearance
  • Future repairs and maintenance
  • Budget
  • Future life
  • Fire resistance, insulation properties, etc.

Stairway Studio – one of the best Door Manufacturers deploys different types of doors for its customers. We have a broad section of designs and style that adds to the aesthetic of your homes and offices. To know more, kindly give us a call and our expert team will get back to you with the best services available.


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