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Uber Clone – The Best Taxi Booking App Of 2022

Uber Clone – The Best Taxi Booking App Of 2022

Looking at the report by Mordor Intelligence, I was struck by the figures that tell you how expansive the taxi industry is. According to their report on the taxi market, the industry is going to grow bigger! How’s that? The statistics show that the industry will grow to USD 354.2 billion by 2027 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.95%. The reasons for the same are mentioned in the same report, One, is the increasing demand for ride-hailing and ride-sharing. Two increased online taxi booking via apps like Uber clone. Finally, the increasing cost of owning a vehicle!

This report puts light on how people are acknowledging the taxi business and employing its many benefits in their daily lives. 


One of the main factors that are driving the taxi business is that people are using online taxi booking apps for the convenience it provides. A handful of benefits of these taxi booking apps are: 

  • Simple and easy online payment options to choose from such as cash, credit card, in-app wallet, etc. 
  • Flexibility to add multiple stop-over points during the ride.
  • Tracking driver’s position.
  • Pre-estimated taxi fare. 
  • Contact details of the driver and ride information. 

All these perks have led to the skyrocketing popularity of the Uber-like taxi booking app


Here’s everything you need to know about hailing a taxi using the app and booking a shared cab ride! 


Suppose, a driver is traveling to a place with an empty car. A user hails at the driver. Whether or not the user has the rider’s app on their smartphone or any other device, the driver can take the ride by tapping on ‘Hail Ride’ on the driver’s app. 

The driver will start the ride just the way they do it when they accept the ride request on the app. The entire trip will be traced and at the end, an invoice would be generated. The ride-hailing option is available when the driver is logged into the app and is ‘online’. 

Now, they can add the current location and destination upon which the estimated fare will be shown. The driver can now complete the trip normally! 


The Uber-like taxi booking app also provides the option for ride-sharing. It is also known as carpooling. In this taxi booking option, multiple users can hire the same cab for drop-off locations that fall on the same route. The basic advantages of ride-sharing or carpooling are: 

  • It is a lot cheaper than the actual fare. 
  • The driver can make more money.
  • Multiple stops are made during the ride to either pick up the riders or drop them off.

The total fare of carpooling includes three major components, i.e., the case fare, price per minute, and price per mile/KM. 

This app is the most trustworthy of all because it offers more services than any other ordinary taxi booking app would not!


Now that you know that the taxi services and the advanced technology are here to stay forever, what are your thoughts about opening a brand new business? Take the help of professional white-labeled app developers and you’re ready to go live with the Uber clone app in just 7 – 10 days! 

Trust me, you can be a millionaire by this year itself!


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