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Understanding Cold-pressed, Hot-pressed, and Extra Virgin Vegetable Oil

Understanding Cold-pressed, Hot-pressed, and Extra Virgin Vegetable Oil

Extracted from the oil-bearing seeds and further refined through the high-quality automatic disc filter, vegetable oils are part and parcel of human life everywhere under the sun. Be it snacks, salad dressing, or preparing a complete feast, vegetable oils are used in almost everything. Apart from finding applications in food preparation, vegetable oils are also an important part of the following industries:

  • Packaged food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paint industry
  • Cleaning agents industry
  • Soap and cosmetics industry.

Listed below are some of the most consume edible oils that are also use in the above-said industries:

  • Coconut oil – it is one of the most used cooking oils having a high ratio of saturate fats. It is use mainly to serve baking and cosmetics purposes
  • Corn oil – it is one of the most common cooking oils with almost no fragrance at all
  • Cottonseed oil – this vegetable oil is mostly use in the making of potato chips and a wide range of other snacks. It is considered to be very low in trans-fats
  • Canola oil – it is one of the well-known oils for its high-utility medicinal properties. It is recommend for patients suffering from type-2 diabetes
  • Olive oil – it is mainly used in light cooking. On the industrial front, it is use in the cosmetics and soaps industry
  • Palm oil – it is one of the most use oils in commercial eateries as well as industries the world over. This oil is cost-effective but high in saturated fats.

People across the globe are getting aware of the quality, ingredients, and properties of vegetable oil in the wake of the rising concerns regarding their health. There are various factors closely associate with the vegetable oil that you consume every day. Given below is the discussion about the nature of vegetable oils base on their manufacturing methodologies:

Cold-pressed vegetable oils 

Cold-pressed vegetable oils are fats that are believe to retain a maximum of their natural ingredients. In the cold-press oil extraction methodology, minimum pressure is applied to obtain oil from the oil-bearing seeds with the use of no chemical at all. In the olden days, the cold-pressed methodology was popular because of the quality of the oil. Cold-press vegetable oils are a little bit costlier than hot-pressed oils. As far as yield is concerned, it remains somewhere around 60 to 65%. An automatic disc filter make and supply by the leasing standard and candle filter manufacturers in India is also use for better filtration of cold-pressed oils.

Hot pressed vegetable oils 

Cold-pressed vegetable oils are fats that are believe to offer the maximum possible yield to the manufacturer, and that is around 95%. Hot presse vegetable oils are use to serve commercial purposes on a large scale. In industrial units, the consumption of hot-pressed oil is around hundreds of tons per day. To meet the needs of the world’s largest food processing companies, oil producers adopt the hot-pressed methodology to create a huge volume of vegetable oils.

Extra virgin vegetable oils 

Extra virgin vegetable oils are a member of the premium league among all oils having the maximum natural ingredients. Even the seed plucking time is quite different from the seeds pluck for other oil extraction methodologies. Extra virgin is the purest form of vegetable oils, and this is the reason, they are use to serve medicinal purposes. These oils can be consume both internally and externally and they come at a price, of course. The reason behind this is that minimum pressure is use for the extraction.

Concluding Remarks 

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