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Unique Birthday Gifts You Can Buy For Your Brother

Unique Birthday Gifts You Can Buy For Your Brother

Unique things are meant to be an attention catcher in a true sense. When you talk about unique things honestly, it can be anything whether it’s the gift you are choosing for someone or any item you are going to get for your home. Any item becomes unique because of the exclusiveness in its design and creation. Thinking of the unique things you have sat down to figure out the right kind of unique gifts that you can get for your little brother. So here goes down the list catch up with the pointers that we thought to shed light on.

Brass crafted Buddha:

Talking about the birthday gifts, you always search to add items that should stand out from the rest of the other gifts that your brother is going to receive on his birthday. Talking about the variation, you thought to gift a Budha idol. The one you added is a brass made Buddha statue. The polished texture of the Buddha’s face depicts the high-class brass quality. The 4.5 inch Buddha idol comes with an inbuilt hook so that you can nail it on the wall. Indeed the gift will usher prosperity in your brother’s life. At the same time will infill his life with lots of happiness, love, and peace.

Extraordinary birthday combo:

Being the eldest brother, you always take care of your little brother. You are aware of what makes him the happiest. Additionally, you have complete knowledge about the gifts that he desires to have always as well. In that case, you thought that it would be nice to get a unique combo pack for his 23rd birthday. The pack consists of a two-layered bamboo plant, along with a 1 kg gulab jamun packet and a dry fruit basket of 500 gm. Dry fruits are his all-time favorite snack so you are sure that he will embrace the gift. On the other hand, he believes in nurturing the home with positive energy so the two-layered bamboo plant is idyllic for him as well. You got this beautiful collection from the online gifting portal The best is that here the price is not so high as the entire gift costs only Rs 2299.

Baby Buddha fountain:

You have always seen your elder brother showing interest in the Feng Chui Buddha items. He loves to decorate his Tv unit with these miniature Buddha idols. In that regard, you got an idea that how nice it would be to pick a fountain Buddha statue for him. The height of the statue varies from 6 to 10 cm. It is a small-sized baby Buddha in a seated form with two hands joined together. On top of that the white wax fountain looks so appealing and eye – impressive. Apart from that  one can use the idol as an incense holder as well. It is not that the unique gift is too pricey you got this is at a nominal price of Rs 649 from the site

BackPack American Tourister

This year on your brother’s birthday you thought to pick something unexpected from you.  That means you were looking for a gift that should be both unique and at the same time should be functional as well. In that regard, after a lot of searches, you thought that an idea to gift him a backpack would be the coolest one. Talking about the look it is a black colored bag that exhibits a classy touch. The backpack is from the authentic brand American Tourister. Price-wise it is affordable as you only have to pay Rs 2799 for the same.

Sophisticated men’s hamper:

It takes a lot of courage to pick the right birthday gift for your brother. That is why you assured me to scroll through all the sections and take time sort to out the gift from the listing. And this time you searched the whole gifts collection from the site There you saw this sophisticated men’s collective hamper. It has a stylish and dashing maroon-colored shirt from the brand Van Heusen, a classic Prussian blue colored tie. Along with that the brown leather belt as well as the brown leather wallet is a perfect addition. The gift indeed was planned to complete the manly look of your brother that is why the addition of sunglasses from the brand Idee was appreciable. In addition to that, the body spray from Park Avenue was excellent too. Well, OyeGifts won’t charge anything too much for this gift collection that is why the price for all these items is only rs 6999. You can also apply the discount coupon code as well to get some concessions.

Final say:

It does not matter whichever gift you want to choose for. Have any item but the best is that you can have the birthday gifts for brother from the online shop only without the hassle of moving from your place.


OyeGifts is the one-stop solution for all your gifting needs. Send the most exotic and affordable gifts to your near and dear ones and show them that you truly care. Browse through our excellent collection of online gifts and you will definitely come back for more!

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