Use of chocolate sherry tin boxes!

Use of chocolate sherry tin boxes!

Chocolate is a delicious sweet made from raw materials such as cocoa alcohol, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, white sugar, dairy additives, etc., and is processed through processes such as mixing, grinding, refining, staining, casting, and freezing. The main ingredient in chocolate, cocoa butter, has a melting point of 33 ° C. Therefore, chocolate will gradually soften when temperatures reach 28 ° C and above and will melt into mud above 35 ° C. Therefore, the storage of chocolate Louis sherry tin is different from the usual food packaging.

Sherry tin material packaging for safe chocolates!

Sherry tin is a traditional chocolate packaging material with unique visual features: 1. Openness 2. Air permeability 3. Tile reduction effect 4. Provide a working metal source 5. Reusable and reusable. Comply with international environmental protection requirements and meet future product styles. 6. Sturdy, good protection, no turning, shock resistance, fire resistance, high temperature, and high-pressure resistance. Thanks to these structures, tinplate tins provide a closed system that completely separates natural features beyond heat. , Food-resistant stains deteriorate due to light, oxygen, and moisture, and they do not deteriorate as a result of odors or odors.

Top benefits for sherry tin chocolate boxes!

These sherry tin boxes are also called brown boxes, and people who do business in the vegetable and fruit business often choose these boxes to pack vegetables and fruits because it is best to keep the youth of these products for a long time. Now the question for everyone is what the best material for making these chocolate boxes is. The best raw material suitable for creating chocolate gift boxes is the fibrous mush usually extracted from pine trees.

No sharp boundaries!

The next benefit offered by the material s used in the chocolate sherry tin box is that it has no sharp boundaries, making the boxes safer to practice while packing gifts. Next, one can keep these boxes together without fear as they are specially designed to withstand pressure. Finally, the smooth surface of the chocolate gift box makes it possible to label with stickers, and thus you can give a token touch to your gift pockets.

Louis sherry-2 piece chocolate tin!

If you want a little something, or maybe a gift from a budget, consider the Louis Sherry 2-Piece Tins, available in white, agents, pink, and a blue robin egg. Playing with the same design as its best-selling 12-episode counterpart, this small. Elegant option contains two pieces of Louis Sherry’s beautiful truffle inside for an overnight treat. It is best to go out after dinner or a day, as a relaxed but full of loving purpose. Two truffles contain the following flavors: Salt Caramel and Sicilian Orange. The smooth surface of the chocolate gift box makes it possible to label with stickers. And thus you can give a token touch to your gift pockets. So go and check out for the best prices.


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