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VELUX INTEGRA Roof Window With Ventilation Bar

VELUX INTEGRA Roof Window With Ventilation Bar

Dundee window Blinds, The VELUX INTEGRA roof window comes with a ventilation bar to help circulate fresh air. Made of brushed aluminium, these windows can be left open at night or when you’re away but don’t compromise the thermal efficiency of your home. They’re easy to install and are very low maintenance. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing these windows. Read on to discover why VELUX windows are such an excellent choice for your home.

VELUX INTEGRA roof windows feature a ventilation bar

VELUX INTEGRA roof window with ventilation bar is an electric top-hung polyurethane option that is able to be operated remotely. Its high-quality external appearance is achieved through its ventilation bar. Its frame and sash are made of moisture-resistant polyurethane and thermally modified timber, respectively. Dundee window Blinds, The ventilation bar is located at the head of the sash and provides fresh air without the need to open the window. It also features a built-in air filter to prevent insects from entering the house and improving indoor climate.

VELUX roof windows have a low-maintenance design

Velux windows are exceptionally well-made and easy to maintain. These windows are manufactured from premium quality materials and are lacquered for added protection. They also feature an air-permeable surface and are highly UV resistant. Unlike other roof windows, Velux roof windows do not require you to perform any type of maintenance. All you need to do is clean the glass and flashing every year with a non-abrasive cleaner.

They’re easy to install

VELUX windows can transform any room into a sun-filled space. The windows’ narrow frames and cutting-edge glazing maximize the natural light throughout the day. Moreover, they have been designed to allow for improved air quality and air flow, so they can solve the problem of humidity in rooms that suffer from poor ventilation. In addition, they are simple to install and come with full assembly instructions and a QR code to make the process even easier.

They’re energy efficient

Velux windows have numerous benefits. Dundee window Blinds, Besides being energy efficient, they increase the aesthetics of any room, from dingy corridors to loft conversions. Not only will they increase the value of your home, but they will also reduce your energy bills. This is because natural light helps you enjoy your room more throughout the day. In addition, you can also benefit from improved mental health from the extra vitamin D you will receive from the windows.

They let in daylight

The benefits of Velux windows are many. Not only can they let in natural daylight, but they can also improve the air quality inside the room. A recent study by Velux found that people who spend time near a window are happier and more productive. Dundee Window Blinds, A few examples of homes with Velux windows can be found below. Check out the gallery for more inspiring ideas.

They’re burglar-resistant

The GGL/GGU 70Q VELUX roof windows offer the highest burglary resistance class of any roof window on the market. Therefore, they are the most secure option for anyone who needs a burglar-resistant roof window. Windows Blinds Dundee, Here are some of the security features that Velux windows have. Read on to learn more about these features!

They provide direct access to the outdoors

Velux windows are an excellent option for gaining direct access to the great outdoors.  They can double the amount of natural light in your room by 50%! For more information about Velux roof lights, download the brochure below.


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