Virtual Booth Ideas to Engage the Audience at Virtual Events.

Virtual Booth Ideas to Engage the Audience at Virtual Events.

Sponsorship has always been a significant element of any event. If you have been hosting virtual events for quite some time now, you must have known that the only objective behind businesses agreeing to sponsor any event is money. Earlier, there was a prevalent misconception that virtual events are inefficient when it comes to branding and sponsorship opportunities. 

However, as time passed, even organizations got a reality check. They have understood the impact of virtual events themselves, and it is no thinker that virtual booths and sponsors go hand in hand. The increased number of sponsors at virtual events is compelling the organizers to think of creative ways they can incorporate to engage the online events. 

If you are also one of those who are looking for some ways to help you keep your audience engaged, you are at the right place. Here, in this blog, we will take you through a few ways that will ensure maximum audience engagement. 


Gamify the Virtual Booth: 

You can ask your sponsors to gamify their virtual booths; it will help them get the hold of the attendees’ attention. Once they get the attendees to the booth, we are sure they won’t leave without exploring the booth. As an organizer, you can also integrate with several other gamifying platforms with immersive and advanced AR/VR game options. 

To make the overall experience more engaging and immersive, you can incorporate leaderboard features that will encourage the attendees to interact with the sponsors and play the games. In addition, the sponsors can also include simple games such as virtual trivia or puzzles. To get more participants to the booth, the sponsors can also announce prizes for the attendees who remain at the top of the leaderboard by the end of the event. 


Allow People to Win: 

The feeling of winning a contest or competition is unmatched. Isn’t it? We all love that feeling, and we are sure the attendees will love it too. Allow the attendees to feel the same excitement by letting a few lucky attendees win contests, giveaways, and raffle prizes. The sponsors can opt for various options such as prize wheels, social media contests, and lottery giveaways. You should also ask your sponsors to host reward-based activities to encourage audience participation and interaction at the virtual event


Leverage Social Media: 

Another idea that you can incorporate into your virtual booths is using social media. We all know the efficiency of social media, and we are sure you know it too. Incorporating social media to spread the word about your sponsors will help you significantly. You can tie up with your sponsors and boost their presence on your social media channel. Keep the attendees updated about all the activities; it will give them a sense of missing out on something. You should also ask them to use your hashtag on their posts related to the virtual event. What you can also do is post about your sponsors on your social media. However, don’t forget to add a little mystery to your posts. It will compel your attendees to visit the booths and engage with the sponsors. 


Give Perks to the Attendees: 

To ensure that the attendees are engaging with the sponsors is by giving perks and benefits to them. You can either give them early access to new products or provide them with discount coupons. It will not only attract more attendees, but there are higher chances that the attendees will interact with the sponsors, which will drive more traffic to their booth, and you will get to have fresh and early reviews on your products. 

Swag Up the Attendees: 

The next idea you can incorporate into your planning is swagging up your attendees. You can do it before your event to create hype around your event, or send the goodies as a token of thanks to the attendees, once the event gets over. You can also ask your sponsors to do the same; they can send goodies to the attendees who showed up at their booths during the event. Though it might cost them some bucks, it is just an investment. It is no less than an excellent opportunity for the sponsoring brands to expand their brand awareness and expand their audience base. 


Photo Booth: Capturing the Smile

You can ask your sponsors to add a photo booth to their virtual booths. Since the captured picture will be a branded photo keepsake, it will always remind the attendees of the connection they made during the event. And, who knows if down the line they reach out to the sponsoring brand? Moreover, who doesn’t like to capture pictures? Your sponsors can also shout out to the attendees who used the photo booth feature. 


Create a Virtual Space to Create Meaningful Connections: 

The next idea that the sponsors can incorporate into their planning is creating spaces that will boost meaningful connections between the attendees. You can ask your sponsors to create spaces that will allow the attendees to network and make long-lasting connections. It won’t only allow the organizers to connect with like-minded people but also drive audience engagement rate to the virtual booths. Moreover, events have always been meant for connecting with new people and expanding one’s personal network.

The best trick to boost engagement to your virtual event is by bringing sponsors to your virtual event. If you wish to make your virtual event engaging, you can incorporate these ideas into your planning and strategy. 


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