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Wagyu Beef: Everything You Need To Know

Wagyu Beef: Everything You Need To Know

What is Wagyu beef and is it healthy? You have seen signs in the grocery store and you have heard mentioning it by culinary lovers, but what makes beef Wagyu, Well, Wagyu? Today, we will dive and talk about where Wagyu beef comes from and what makes it so special.

What Is Japanese Wagyu?

Let’s straighten something from the gate. There are Japanese Wagyu and there are other types of Wagyu – Canada, America and Australia. This article is only about Japanese Wagyu. Japanese Wagyu beef is a pure black, brown, shorthorn, or surveyed beef, or that is surveyed and gets a different taste and marble thanks to the type of feed and the length of time raised. Ordinary cows that are raised for beef do not get intramuscular fat by Japanese Wagyu cows. The cattle themselves live a life that is free from stress, strictly monitored on the open air farm to ensure their lives as much as possible.

What does Wagyu Japan like? How do you eat Japanese Wagyu?

Although it is true, it is also an epic proportion statement. Japanese Wagyu beef can be described as butter, melts in your mouth, fresh, and rich. It has a perfect pork stomach texture that is perfectly cooked but the taste of beef is not like anything you have ever experienced, even with the most expensive Tomahawk. Like how Scotch coats the tongue, the bite of Japanese Wagyu beef will do the same.

Because of the wealth, and we will admit it, the price, Japanese Wagyu beef is consumed in smaller amounts. Wagyu like this is the best when shared with friends and eaten with other flavors to bring balance and increase the wealth of beef. Experiment with sour, salt and pepper, spicy, garlic, and sweet taste to be paired with beef. Don’t forget to have plain rice, white, sticky too.

There are several ways to prepare and enjoy Japanese Wagyu beef. Teppanyaki’s style burns the outside of a piece of beef, then cut it into a slightly smaller strip-1 inch thick on all sides and burns the cut side too. My confident style is a very thin slice cooked over a strong heat for a very short time. Japanese Wagyu beef should not be cooked too long and never passes medium maturity. This is to ensure that you experience peak taste and fattening fat. Japanese Wagyu beef is not a steak eating in the sense that Canadians and Americans eat steak. Bigger no better in this case. In eating Japanese Wagyu beef in large quantities, you can lose the taste of quality and unique nature of the taste and texture of Wagyu.

How do you buy Japanese Wagyu and is it commensurate with the cost?

There are several online retailers of Wagyu beef and simple search will be enough to find you quality beef online. Remember to doublecheck that you order Japanese Wagyu beef that is contrary to other types of Wagyu. You also have to realize that the price will look quite high for what you plan to order. Keep in mind that you buy the most valuable beef in the world and literally send it from the other side of this planet. If you want to share in a dining experience that occurs only once or twice in a lifetime, the price is definitely commensurate.

Looking for a delicious and luxurious dining experience? Look no further than Fielding’s Wood Grill, where you can enjoy delicious Wagyu. Our Wagyu beef is sourced from the finest ranches in the United States, and it’s sure to please even the most discerning palate. So come on in and enjoy a taste of the good life!


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