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Ways to Engage Students in an Online Learning

Ways to Engage Students in an Online Learning

With the worldwide lockdown and the global pandemic, people have lost their jobs and faced and conquered the realms of death. Students of all age groups who once despised going to schools and college and even giving exams are all demanding that schools and other institutions be open as they are missing out on their fun and studies. But given the situation we are in, one can’t say what’s about to strike next.

But that doesn’t mean learning and interaction must stop, which is why we have a tech-savvy service to offer that is none other than educational online platforms. Here in this article, we will be venturing into the various aspects of Online/Internet learning. And also see how it is impactful even in the given situation. Although, sitting in your home with the comfort and luxury and attending classes virtually can make you feel lethargic, and you may feel disinterested after a certain point of time.

How to engage students in online learning?

It’s alright to feel bored and daydream, but not when there are virtual classes that are ongoing, so to divert the attention back, here are some tips;

  1. Preparation of students – Just like you, this might be the first time a student may have had an interactive virtual class; help the students feel comfortable and help them with the guidelines so that it becomes easier for them.
  2. Learning Materials – Some of the top online course platform helps in presenting, creating and organizing proper content. This will not only help the students but will also encourage them to participate in assessments and virtual debates.
  3. Take Inspiration – Across the internet, there are some of the best online learning platforms. Always motivate yourself to do better, draw references on how teaching and learning are done on various other platforms and indulge them in your teaching from time to time.
  4. Concept of Spaced Learning – When you eat too much ice cream in one go, don’t you get a brain freeze? Similarly, if you rush with the topics and don’t evenly break and space them out, all this teaching will fall off the students’ ears. So apart from notes, focus on giving a 10-minute break to register the learnings, and use videos, so photographic memory remains sharp and intact.
  5. Feedback forms – Just as a teacher participates in teaching and voicing their thoughts, the students should also be allowed to send in and reciprocate their thoughts via feedback forms and surveys; this allows the teachers to understand if the students are comfortable with their style of teaching.
  6. Fun Times – We should also accommodate fun, not only educational fun but fun, by encouraging them to enroll in some of the best online course platforms, like learning various courses that can either be a skill or a hobby.


Before embarking on the concept of online learning, one should do their research and become familiar with some of the greatest online education platforms for learning. One should not decide in haste and should constantly improve them even in such times.


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