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Web marketing for doctors: Set your strategy in medical field

Web marketing for doctors: Set your strategy in medical field

Few doctors or medical offices still take care of their online web marketing presence, partly due to lack of time and partly because it is difficult to independently set up an effective web marketing strategy.

Let’s analyze the context from a marketing point of view. First, we understand how many medical specialists or medical practices can use the web as an opportunity to promote their services and increase the number of patients.

Let’s see together then what are the Agendas guidelines to be respected and what web marketing activities must be carried out to obtain positive results at low costs!

Agendas: guidelines to be respected

Before setting up a web marketing strategy for medical practices, it is necessary to be clear about the national legislation regarding the promotion of private healthcare activities: any specialist doctor or medical office who intends to promote themselves with informative content (therefore also digital content, sites, blogs, etc.) must necessarily respect these three factors:

  • Patient privacy
  • The directives of the order of doctors
  • Professional ethics

We recommend reading the official document by clicking on this link.

So, if you want to advertise your business on the web, perhaps through a site to promote services or by creating a health blog to write useful content for people, you will need to pay attention to the following guidelines.

It is nothing worrying or complicated. You need to indicate your contact details so those interested in the medical services you offer can contact you directly. On the website, or in the web contents in general, it will be necessary to report the professional order they belong to, the specialization qualifications obtained, as well as an important declaration of responsibility according to which all the health contents published do not violate articles 55-56- 57 of the Code of Medical Deontology.

Lastly, medical practices or private doctors who decide to open a personal website will have to communicate it to the sector authorities. Then, over time, the rules can verify the legality of the entire activity and, therefore, check the contents published on the web.

We have outlined the rules to follow.

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How to set up a web marketing strategy for doctors’ offices

Websites, blogs, medical forums, social media, and advertising are the first means to consider for any doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, or specialist doctor who wants to evaluate the possibility of promoting himself online.

Websites for doctors and doctors’ offices

A website must be responsive and user-friendly, allowing easy navigation from mobile devices thanks to its adaptive and fluid layout. This way, readers can easily find any information they want.

The responsive site is a central aspect, especially since most users use their smartphones to browse the web. Therefore, the site’s layout must be minimal, with all the information just a click away and inserted at the top of the home page.

Parallel to the site, my advice is to insert a personal medical blog, which will not only serve to provide people with free and valuable information content but also bring organic traffic to the website, therefore, potential customers. You will be able to intercept people searching for information on the web about some pathologies or useful remedies (just as illustrated in the introduction). Then patients will come to your site to get answers. To learn more about this Inbound Marketing strategy, I refer you to our article.

The blog is not only a tool to get traffic but also a good possibility to bridge the distance between doctor and patient. For this reason, it is always better to use a more informal and human tone of voice, favoring interaction and making yourself available through the comments.

SEO for medical sites

Medical SEO Services is an activity to ensure that search engines find the website by facilitating the positioning of certain keywords typed by the user.

When the website of a doctor’s office is created, it is advisable to carry out an SEO activity to facilitate positioning in the first Google search results: in this way, users who are looking for the services you offer or who are looking for medical offices in the area that carry out certain specialist visits, or even, who need answers to their pathologies and look for them through blog articles (the information reported is not medical advice and may not be accurate, the contents are only intended for illustrative and do not replace the medical opinion as warns Wikipedia …). Of course, Medical SEO Services is a time-consuming activity, but it ensures tangible and, above all, lasting benefits in the long term.

Social media and medical offices

A professionally executed social media marketing strategy can truly lead to amazing results. Social media increase the brand awareness of the professional or doctor’s office, so if treated properly, they will bring notoriety and recognition, fundamental aspects, especially in medicine.

Furthermore, social media have the power to create communities of people who, especially in the field of health and well-being, can easily become loyal: this is why if social media are well managed, customer satisfaction can be achieved. Answering urgent questions, talking to your fans, or even making appointments via Facebook Messenger are all actions that are part of social activity.

The potential of Facebook, especially for medical studies, is truly remarkable! A fundamental piece for a performing web marketing strategy.

Facebook ADS & Google Ads

The web marketing activity also involves using tools for online promotion, such as Facebook ADS and Google Ads: the first will allow you to create advertising posts that will intercept potential patients on Facebook, so in terms of visibility, it is a real tool. So effective.


In conclusion, it is vital to be present online, and through well-planned web marketing strategies, it is possible to obtain visibility and, therefore, more customers. We are waiting for you in the comments if you need advice or some suggestions!

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