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What Are The Employee Benefits HR Managers Can Provide Creative For Better Engagement Rates?

What Are The Employee Benefits HR Managers Can Provide Creative For Better Engagement Rates?

In recent years, talent acquisition has become one of the major problems faced by employers.

Due to the vast availability of employment options, companies must take measures to stand out from the competition. Unconventional employee benefits are the key to attracting top talent in the industry.

Conventional employee benefits such as health insurance and pension contributions are not attractive as such now.

New-gen employees expect more for their purposeful contributions to the company. To know more about these benefits and their outputs, read ahead.

9 List of Employee Benefits HR Managers Can Offer Using Smarter Tech Solutions And Improve Engagement Rates Are:

Listed below are some worker benefits that you can implement in your organisation.

Supportive and charitable environment

Fostering a supportive and charitable workplace environment is a necessity for every organisation. A company’s workplace plays a crucial role in the employees’ growth and mental well-being.

Building a positive environment where employees feel safe and welcomed increases staff retention.

A good environment improves staff productivity with complete safety.

A company willingly contributing to community services through charitable involvement is heavily supported by its employees.

It signifies excellent work culture and is the most sought-after quality in reputed organisations. Companies can play their charitable ventures using objective polls and discussion through surveys on uKnowva HRMS.

Learning opportunities with employees’ professional development

Most employees prefer companies that offer opportunities for professional development. Unlike other benefits, professional development submerges through continuous learning experiences.

Employees have high regard/respect for companies investing in learning opportunities.

For example, the eLMS function in the uKnowva HRMS. It helps employers upload new courses, training sessions, and webinars. Employees reap the benefits from there continuously and upgrade their portfolios with pride.

Such employee benefits are conducive to better engagement rates automatically. Because when one actually witnesses how they grow in an organisation, they don’t leave. Instead, they consciously choose to stay and outperform, proving their worth honourably.

uKnowva smarter solutions bridge the skill and talent gap concurrently and easily.

Surprising team-building exercises (virtual)

A good work culture involves keeping employees happy and stress-free throughout the day.

One way is by investing in team-building exercises during regular office hours.

Spending a small amount on time-bonding tasks on a stressful day can make someone happy internally. They then know that their organisation cares for their professional and psychological growth.

Often, these exercises increase social quotient when conducted virtually using uKnowva social intranet solutions. Employee engagement rates are higher and more result-oriented to build greater teams each day.

Plus, employees show up to work with more excitement to jell up with their colleagues with dissimilar backgrounds. And easy and seamless experiences for virtual employees are always bonus reasons to stay back.

Paid time off

Paid time off is a valuable asset to employees. It allows them to take a work break without losing the allotted income. As a result, employees avoid companies that do not provide enough paid time off.

Paid leaves also help employees maintain their physical and mental well-being.

These away-from-work days increase employee engagement and staff retention. That’s because employees return to work with laser focus, dispelling distractions at once.

 Offer flexible working hours

After the pandemic, there was a rise in the popularity of flexible working hours. Companies providing this option are significantly preferred over those that don’t. Flexible working hours enable employees to tend to their personal needs without compromising work quality.

The only downside to providing flexible hours is the daunting task of calculating the total working hours.

But with a good HRMS software, employees clock in and out automatically. Their performance records are assembled at the backend. So will be their due compensation.

So, there is no miscalculation of actual working hours with a system that assists workers smartly.

Run voluntary programs

Running voluntary programmes is another excellent way to give back to the community. It’s even better when employees participate and stand up for a cause.

Organising NGO visits, cleanliness drives, and awareness campaigns are great team-building exercises to improve employee engagement.

Volunteering once in a while can be a way of de-stressing employees who have tight schedules. Participating in these programmes can improve their work-life balance.

Make newer teams challenge your deserving employees

Building new teams to focus on different projects can improve employees’ professional growth. This will allow employees to engage, unlocking their true potential.

By using the HR analytics tool from HRMS software, various departments can track their members’ activities. As a result, it helps HR teams build a perfect team whenever possible.

Overall, the employee benefits of forming new teams are limitless. There is always excitement, thrill, and challenge up around the corner. Dedicating and top performers resolve new project complexities faster.

Slow performers learn from their smart team members, assisting them over uKnowva HRMS to connect and coordinate.

Invite critical opinions from employees and act upon them.

Inviting feedback and critical opinions from employees is crucial. It lets employers gain insights into the state of the organisation. Every employee, regardless of their position, must be heard. Listening to positive and negative opinions can help reinforce positive changes.

An HRMS software can efficiently garner employees’ opinions using the in-built feedback system. The system allows employees to participate in surveys, polls, and discussion forums to express their opinions.

Health and monetary assistance when required

Catering to necessities by providing health and monetary assistance when required is one of the important employee benefits.

uKnowva HRMS software ensures that every employee in need is given the required assistance.

Employees can apply for reimbursements, claims, loans, and other benefits using the in-built ESS portal. Their application will be reviewed, and the necessary action will be taken soon.


Employers must constantly reinvent and check their workflow policies using uKnowva HRMS. That’s because conventional employee benefits cannot meet the demands of new-gen employees.

Thinking creatively and developing unique ideas should be necessary to build a healthy workplace.

Employees’ well-being and satisfaction strategies mentioned above will positively impact the company’s success. Hence, organisations should adopt new methods to retain employees and achieve long-term goals.


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