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What are the Four Basic MSBI Interview Questions for Freshers?

What are the Four Basic MSBI Interview Questions for Freshers?

If you are looking for MSBI Interview Questions for freshers and want to crack the interview for a fruitful career, you have come to the right place. There are several chances available from many reputable firms throughout the world. Thus, you have the potential to advance in your career with MSBI. Therefore, we will cover the basic MSBI Interview Questions for 2022-2023 in this article which will help all the freshers ace their interviews and land their desired job as MSBI Developer.

MSBI Interview Questions

After completing the MSBI Training, freshers will sit for the interview sessions with multiple organizations. However, those companies will ask a few questions from the freshers before hiring them for a developer position. Thus, below are such questions that employers usually ask fresher candidates.

  • What do you mean by MSBI & what are the tools included in MSBI?

MSBI, or Microsoft Business Intelligence, is a complex suite of tools that provides solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries. Moreover, it allows users to access accurate and up-to-date information for improved business decision-making. Thus, MSBI comprises the three crucial tools:

  • SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service)
  • SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS)
  • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service)
  • What is SSIS & how does it relate to SQL Server?

SSIS, or SQL Server Integration Service, is a SQL Server component used to conduct multiple data migration and ETL processes. It is a component used by the SQL Server in the MSBI process. However, you can use the SSIS platform for workflow integration and application development. Moreover, OLAP and OLTP are quicker on this platform, and you may utilize this data for data processing, extraction, and loading. In addition, you can use this SSIS program to automate multidimensional datasets and SQL Server database maintenance.

  • What is the list of tools related to SSIS?

SSIS systems offer both simple solutions and enterprise-level solutions. These tools or solutions are as follows:

Business Intelligence Development Studio(BIDS)

  • Design and develop new packages and data source objects and views for usage.
  • Also, make changes to the current packages.
  • Assist in debugging package functionality.
  • Helps to produce the deployment bundle used for package distribution.

SQL Server Import and Export Wizard 

It is the most basic method for creating Integration Services packages. These programs may extract data from several sources, including Excel spreadsheets, flat files, and relational databases, and load it into comparable data repositories.

SSIS Designer & SSIS Menu

  • SSIS Designer has tabs for each designer and the package content. Thus, it is a graphical package development tool.
  • The SSIS menu is added to the menu bar when you launch an Integration Services project in BIDS. When you choose the Work Offline option, Integration Services skips the package validation step that involves connecting to data sources and other external components.

Control Flows Designers and Event Handlers

  • You may use Control Flow Designer to create the package control flow.
  • An Event Handler is a workflow that executes in response to an event raised by the run time.
  • What do you mean by workflow? What are control flow and data flow?

A workflow is a collection of instructions exchanged with the Program Executor to serve as a guideline for executing tasks and containers.

Moreover, a control flow comprises one or more jobs and containers that run when you execute a package. Precedence constraints connect the tasks and containers in a package and specify requirements for performing projects in the package control flow.

In addition, a data flow consists of sources and destinations for extracting and loading data, transformations for modifying and extending data, and pathways for connecting sources, transformations, and destinations.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the basic four interview questions for freshers that can land them an excellent job in a reputable organization. As a result, an MSBI Training Institute in Gurgaon will help you to get aware of these questions and gain real-time experience.


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