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What Are the Types of Fashion Designing

What Are the Types of Fashion Designing

What Are the Types of Fashion Designing?

Fashion Designing & Fashion designers are the professionals who create new and trending styles. Firstly, they create the prototypes of their designs and then prepare the end product to sell to customers. However, they specialize in one specific area. Therefore, there are numerous subsections in this category that a designer can pursue relying on their skills and interests.

Types of Fashion Designing

When choosing the type of fashion design you should go with, there are many specialties you can pick within. Numerous types of fashion designers include:

1. Apparel

This type of fashion designer focuses on growing more than clothing items for customers. However, there are many kinds of cloth pieces to create. Apparel designers pursue specialties within this field. They create exclusive patterns for clients all over the world.

2. Haute couture

These designers work for high-level clients. They create custom-made apparel according to the client’s requirements. Haute couture designers have a smaller clientele. They work with the same clients to take their measurements and design apparel for upcoming occasions by the clients’ unique fashion and preferences.

3. Ready-to-wear

These designers create clothing for groups of people. They create outfits with the right material, presentation and cut clients’ requests, and manufacture their garments in smaller and more segmented groups. Therefore, it ensures that the apparel matches the specs of every consumer. 

4. Mass market

These designers create clothing items for a common and extensive audience. Each object a mass-market designer creates undergoes a mass-production system and reaches the open market for sale. However, these garments have limited custom fitting options. 

5. Footwear

Footwear designers create new shoes, like sneakers or excessive heels. Any person who pursues this discipline can specialize in areas – like athletic or formal footwear. People who work in this area comply with fashion trends to ensure they suit the shoe designs they create. However, they can work with apparel designers to create complementary designs.  Footwear designers may also create customized designs for their clients.

6. Accessory

These designers create jewelry, like bracelets, rings, and necklaces or accessories like scarves, hats, purses, and glasses. Accessory designers create charming and stylish designs for items. However, they are not considered apparel or clothing. 

7. Sportswear

Designers in this category create fashion pieces for athletics. These designers use the most comfortable and long-lasting fabric. Both apparel and shoe designers work within this category of designers. However, these designers must have a good knowledge of performance textiles. Therefore, they can create quality and long-lasting designs.

8. Children’s wear

These designers create footwear and clothes for children of all ages. However, they work with fewer materials. Most of these items’ designs come in various materials and many design options. 

9. Classic wear

These designers create timeless designs that do not go out of style. However, these designers create most of these objects with high-class fabric. Therefore, customers can wear these pieces all year round.

So, these are basic types of fashion designers. However, you can learn more about these types by enrolling in a fashion designing course in Jaipur


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