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What Happens When You Use Too Much Toothpaste

What Happens When You Use Too Much Toothpaste

Fluoride is a substance that prevents tooth decay and strengthens teeth. Even though this powerful ingredient is generally safe, your children may develop dental fluorosis if they consume too much while their adult tooth are still forming. want to learn how much toothpaste should i use

You see, Fluoride in higher levels tends to mix in with other minerals trying to form in your child’s tooth. Fluoride is one of many minerals that make up our teeth. If you have too much fluoride, it can change the ratios while your teeth are still developing.

They can become stained or discolored. In extreme cases, they may even alter the quality of their surfaces, making them less smooth. People suffering from dental fluorosis are more at risk of decay and even breakdown. Adults, however, don’t have to worry about excessive toothpaste use and the possibility of developing dental fluorosis. It is not a problem because of two reasons.

First of all, our adult teeth aren’t developing anymore, so they aren’t at high risk for fluoride poisoning in high concentrations. A second reason is that adults rarely swallow toothpaste. There’s no risk of toothpaste getting more systematically on the body. It just means that we’re wasting toothpaste.

It Is Okay For Adults To Use Too Much Toothpaste.

Well, not exactly. The truth is, though the problems that adults can have from using too much toothpaste aren’t discussed often enough, there are still some concerns. For example, did your toothpaste tube contain an abrasive? To assist in scrubbing your teeth clean?

Too much toothpaste can lead to excessive tooth structure loss and gum recession. The irony of it all is that too much toothpaste can cause gum recession and tooth structure loss. Adults often use toothpaste to brighten and whiten their smiles. Unfortunately, this has the reverse effect. The enamel will be brought to the surface of the tooth by scrubbing. This can result in a darker overall appearance.

You may also have canker sores if you use too much toothpaste. It has been proven that toothpastes containing foam-producing sulfate (sodium lacryl sulfate), can cause irritation, which can lead to cancer and other infections. Avoid sulfates. Use toothpaste that is made from natural sources such as Twice. Twice toothpaste’s foamy ingredients are made from plants. It is also vegan, cruelty-free and will give you the peace of mind that you didn’t just put a bunch of chemicals in your mouth.

What Kind Of Toothpaste Should I Use?

It is essential to use toothpaste with the right fluoride concentration. Find out the fluoride content of each brand’s packaging.

  • Adults should choose toothpaste that contains minimum 1,350 parts per thousand (ppm), fluoride.
  • Children don’t necessarily need to use toothpaste designed for children. Children of all ages are able to use their regular toothpaste provided that it contains between 1,350 and 1,500ppm fluoride. Children younger than 3 years can use lower strength toothpaste. But, ensure it contains at least 1,000ppm fluoride.
  • Children younger than three years should only use a small amount toothpaste. A small amount of toothpaste for children 3-6 years old should be used. Keep children away from toothpaste tubes.

Your dentist might suggest that you or your children use toothpaste with higher levels of fluoride if they feel the need.

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