What is a Power Supply? Know DS200TCPSG1A board

What is a Power Supply? Know DS200TCPSG1A board

The power supply is essential in every electrical or electronic system like DS200TCPSG1A. You have to consider various requirements while choosing an exact power supply, like; the necessities of power for the circuit. The safety features of the power circuit, like current and voltage, protect the load, efficiency, size, and system noise immunity. These power supplies are mainly for measurement, test, maintenance, and product expansion activities.

The power supply circuits have classification into types based on the power they utilize to offer circuits or devices. For example, the microcontroller-based circuits are the 5V DC regulated power supply circuits designed with different methods for changing from 230V AC to 5V DC.

The DS200TCPSG1A GE Power Supply DC Input Board has three fuses, one 16-pin connector, one 9-pin connector, and various test points. However, the primary function is to convert the 125 VDC power from the TCPD board into the necessary voltages.

What are DC and RPS?

DC symbolizes a direct circuit, and RPS refers to a regulated power supply. However, these two are types of power supplies.

DC Power Supply

A DC power supply provides a consistent DC power voltage to its load. Based on its plan, a DC supply gets controlled by a DC or an AC supply like the power mains. Moreover, DS200TCPSG1A comes under the DC power supply board.

Regulated Power Supply

A regulated power supply is a fixed circuit that changes an unregulated irregular current into a stable direct current.

Various sources produce DC power. Therefore, these sources include thermocouples, batteries, and solar cells. It is in low voltage applications like automotive applications, charging batteries, aircraft, and other voltage or current applications.

It has typical PV industry applications, comprising off-grid appliances and portable solar systems. However, the nonusage of a solar inverter for converting direct current into alternating current keeps the cost down.

Know your part right: DS200TCPSG1A

The GE Protective Termination Board DS200TCEBG1A is an “expander card.” However, it is helpful for Potential Transformer and Current Transformer signals.

GE Board DS200TCPSG1A has signal transformers and alarm buzzers; designed with eight guide holes to fix in the core. This card in Location 2 of the center is for Generator and Bus Potential Transformer and Current transformer signals terminated on the PTBA card.

You may notice all the cables connected with the boards before eliminating the faulty board and tags at the end terminals.

Always use an anti-static wrist band safety gear while replacing boards. However, it helps prevent any damage from static electricity near sensitive electronics or other projects where the static charge can damage or cause safety issues. Ensure all the flat ribbon cables are connected back with a proper orientation before being put into service.


DS200TCPSG1A power supply board is very reliable and so less prone to damage. But then, improper handling and poor storage can affect the power card’s functionality. Therefore, keep the power supply cards in static sensitive storage boxes in suggested conditions.


If you experience any problem with DS200TCPSG1A, contact directturbinecontrols.com/to quickly test, diagnose and fix it. Moreover, expedite repair option is available for this power board. You can repair the cards using proper tools and experts in a controlled environment.

However, all the parts needed to repair the board are in our stock. The company also ensures that the replacement components are industrial grade and exceed OEM standards.


Proper refurbishing of this power circuit board can increase its longevity. The refurbishing process includes,

  • Apply TIL modification if there is any
  • Replace all aging and commonly failing components
  • Thorough Industrial standard cleaning of the card
  • Reflow solder to eliminate dry solder
  • Apply a protective coating, etc.

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