What Is Adam O’Dell’s Imperium?

What Is Adam O’Dell’s Imperium?

“Imperium “Imperium” can be described as a technology that Adam believes will create an entirely new movement that will increase five times more quickly that the web. It’s a DNA Sequencer which reads DNA and converts it into digital (codes it into “1s” and “0s”) to be stored on computers. DNA is composed comprising six billion words that are arranged in distinct patterns.

Before that the Imperium device was invented, Adam says that DNA sequencing was a costly process which was out of the budget of everyday people. The first time that scientists did DNA sequencing on humans was 13 years to complete and the cost was 2.7 billion.

With the new technology price has dropped to $239. It only takes 8 hours to analyze the DNA of an individual. Adam believes that from a financial perspective it’s significant as this means that DNA sequencing is accessible to all. As you can see from other technological breakthroughs have occurred. That companies are able to go over the top when their product is inexpensive and widely used, and that’s the case with DNA sequencing. Adam is betting on in this case.

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To describe how this could work Him says that sequencing will allow for the following uses:

It will first allow us to fight, and maybe remove genetic diseases such as Hepatitis. Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer and loss of eyesight not to mention some. It will revolutionize the food and agricultural and retail grocery industries as scientists will be able to easily analyze DNA of plants. And decide the best way to breed them to create superior breeds.

The industry of manufacturing is set to be transformed by biological manufacturing. For instance, using the genetic information about how spider webs are constructed you can create biological spider silk, without the need to raise spiders.

The Company Making the Imperium Device

Adam states that once “Imperium” is made mainstream, the ideal company to invest. DNA sequencing trend is the one that owns the tech behind it. He believes that it will perform just as effectively that Intel has when they introduced. The microchip that drove that internet revolution.

The company behind the trend of sequencing has created a revolutionary microchip. That can process DNA more quickly than any other method. The scientist claims that it can process DNA 10,000 times faster than the speed of previous technologies because of its “nanowell” technology. (before the invention of this technology DNA was processed using testing tubes).

It has collaborated with several notable firms and on the potential clients. Broad Institute, MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, Illumina and DARPA (the advanced research branch of the military branch). DARPA has publicly stated that the Imperium microchip is light years ahead of its rivals.

Adam wrote a paper titled “The Next Intel the Microchip Company powering the 199,000 DNA Megatrends. Where he identifies Imperium as the company behind Imperium but you don’t need to read it because I’m pretty sure I can guess its name from these clues.

Twist Bioscience (TWST)

I believe the company the author is referring to could be Twist Bioscience (TWST). It is a company based in San Francisco that makes equipment that allows scientists to create DNA faster. They developed the silicon wafer adorned with nanowells that can replace the plastic plate with 96 wells which was previously used for DNA sequencing. Making the entire procedure more efficient and speedier.

Twist has collaborated together with Microsoft as well as Illumina (two from the three clients mentioned as clients by Adam). To develop a data storage system which uses DNA molecules. To obtain a copy of this report Adam has written about this company you need. Sign up to his monthly newsletter, Green Zone Fortunes.

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