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What Is Informatica And What Are Its Scopes?

What Is Informatica And What Are Its Scopes?


Informatica is a data processing tool that is generally used for ETL to load processing and extract transform. It is a leading software in the industry in the field of data governance and data processing. Further, it is present in business intelligence, data warehouse, and data integration between the business application domain. In recent times, more people are learning to use this tool. You can also learn it by enrolling yourself in Informatica Online Training and it will help you in getting more high-paying jobs in the industry. It has bust-in functionalities to connect with multiple source systems like file systems or applications based on SaaS, databases, in-built connectors, and adapters. Once the source system gets connect and the data source is capture, it supports many out-of-the-box transformation functionalities to transform the route and data, and process of the connected and configured data to the target systems.

What are the Steps of Informatica?

Informatica has different steps of processes like Extract, Transform, and Load. These steps are as below: –

  • Extract: It is the first step in the processes of the ETL process in the Informatica tool. It carries out the process of acquiring a data set from the configured source of data. It will get out to another data warehouse. This process is also called Capture.
  • Transform: It is the second step in the ETL process which will be done from one format to another format and will get support from the structure of the data warehouse.
  • Load: It is the third step in the ETL process, that performs the operations of storing the data in the database by producing indexes in the data warehouse structure after applying all the necessary transformations.

What are the features of Informatica?

Using Informatica can add lots of benefits to its users. We are discussing some of the features of Informatica below:

  • It allows a safe exchange of data from business to business and complete end-to-end clarity.
  • It brings out data from different databases with different types of data such as structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Further, it transforms it into the necessary form and stores the target database for the requirements of the users.
  • Informatica also has a feature of parallel processing that is computing out the execution process of several processes simultaneously.
  • It provides re-executing of the data, reusability of the data, and recovery of the data.
  • This tool provides automation of deployments and gives accurate deliverables.
  • Using Informatica provides high security to data.
  • This tool also helps its users with recovery in cases of a data disaster and customizes access permissions.
  • With its centralized cloud server, it provides high security with a tracking data facility and easy accessibility.
  • In the case of a presentation, it provides high visibility for the visual data.
  • It provides data monitoring and easy data maintenance.

What is the scope of Informatica?

When it comes to the scopes of Informatica, countless needs could be well satisfied and could be figured out Informatica.

Here are a few of the career highlights that could be taken into notice when it comes to Informatica: –

Informatica professionals have promising jobs: 

There is a persistent growth in the light of legitimate concern for its specialists. For all its action profiles, the movement passages and the market show obvious augmentation in the number of openings. There are various open profiles for an individual who is searching for work in Informatica- prominent associations. One can become Informatica ETL Developer, Informatica analyst, Application developer, MDM developer, and many more.

Top MNCs are looking for trained Informatica professionals: 

Big names like Deloitte, IBM, Infosys, Accenture, Volkswagen, and Wipro take up Informatica ETL undertakings. It is a real effort that produces a huge interest in developing more ETL experts in Informatica. You can think of your success with one of the career options related to it.

Professionals of Informatica have a shining future:

The future of Informatica specialists is promising and sparkling. There are no limits on openings for its specialists in the universe where information is developing every day. With the rise in its use and developments, the demand for its professionals is also on the rise.


After reading this article, it is sure that there is a huge potential in learning Informatica. If you have a professional degree in it, you can also get job opportunities in MNCs like Wipro, IBM, Accenture, and many more. Seeing the growth in the success rate after learning it, more people are learning to use this tool. You can also enroll for Informatica Training in Delhi and it is surely going to help you with a promising and shining future.

I am Digital Marketing Executive working in Croma Campus Pvt ltd. It is an educational foundation providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty. It has been in this industry for a decade and has been offering training in corporate and IT-based courses.

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