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What makes Postman Tool Different from its Competitors?

What makes Postman Tool Different from its Competitors?


APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are prevalent on the internet nowadays and play a crucial part in our economy. As for end-users, we utilize APIs all the time without recognizing them. From purchasing a plane ticket to checking the weather forecast. From logging in to your Google or social network accounts from any website to selecting your preferred payment method in your eCommerce business. APIs are part of our daily activities. Though APIs make our lives easier, developers must test them before using them on real-time data. It is when the Postman tool comes in. Therefore, to learn this powerful tool, you should have proper Postman Online Training. This training will allow you to have hands-on experience and assist you to get a high-paying job.

What is Postman Tool?

Postman is a scalable API testing tool that fits easily into the CI or CD process. Abhinav Asthana launched it as a side project in 2012 to improve the API process in testing and development. API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface, which allows software programs to connect via API calls.

Features of Postman Tool:

Postman API Tool offers several features which are beneficial to an organization. These features include the following:

  • User Friendly

You may send a simple request using a user-friendly interface. All can do is enter the relevant headers, select the HTTP method, and click on the submit button. Postman even includes code examples if you are new to developing scripts.

  • Automation

The Postman API testing tool simplifies the setup of automated tests. Postman in Javascript allows you to automate your test cases with outstanding capabilities such as writing test suites, creating requests with dynamic parameters, passing data across requests, and so on.

  • Cost-Effective

Besides the advantages this tool offers, it is also incredibly cost-effective. You may utilize Postman in their free plan, which has limited but useful functions.

Reasons that make Postman Tool Unique:

The following are the main reasons that make the Postman tool different from its competitors.

  • Easy creation of Test Suites

This tool allows you to create collections of integration tests to confirm that your API is operating as planned. However, for each of these tests, an HTTP request is generated, which you can execute in a specific order. After that, you can use JavaScript statements to check the code’s integrity. Also, you may change the data you receive from the Postman program thanks to the tests provided in JavaScript.

  • Ability to Test in Different Environment

How often do you discover that your local environment is set up somewhat differently than the test server? Your test collection that works flawlessly in your local environment fails when run against a different one? The Postman testing tool allows you to save information about the many environments you use and automatically input the relevant infrastructure settings for the test collection.

  • Data Storage

You may have an API that requires specific data from another API. However, the Postman tool lets you save such data from earlier tests as global variables, which you can utilize in the same way as environment variables. Also, you may either save the entire response or a portion of it and use it in later API queries.

  • Better Integration

The Postman testing tool offers a one-of-a-kind interface that allows you to execute a set of tests from the command line. Newman, Postman’s own Command Line Interface (CLI), enables you to perform these tests on systems without a graphical user interface (GUI). In addition, Newman allows you to run a collection of these tests directly from most build tools.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the top reasons that make the Postman tool unique. Therefore, to learn the working of this technology, it is necessary to go to the Postman Training institute in Noida.


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