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What Should You Know About Will Writing Services?

What Should You Know About Will Writing  Services?

One of the most unpleasant tasks of your life will be writing or recording your will. By acknowledging this, you are not only accepting your immortality but also getting prepared for it. That is the reason most of the youth do not like it. Normally, most people in their forties do not have a will. 

But creating the will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones. By doing so, you rest the peace of mind that life’s worth of possessions will end up in the way you wanted and in the right hands. 

Rules of writing a will are often different in each state or area. Before writing the will, you must contact the right person. If you do not know how to write a will or the basic rules of writing a will, you must seek the help of family law solicitors in Manchester

Also, before taking this step, you must go through the below points.

1) Firstly, understand the Will: 

In a will, you will be called a taster and the person who you named in your will to execute it is called the executer. It is a legal paper in which you clearly declare who will be executing your possessions after you. These might be the big, expensive things like home, car, or gold or the unimportant things like photographs or any other possessions.

Other than possessions, it is also the declaration of who will be the guardian of your kids and who will be able to receive the certain thing from someone. Let us say Mr. X will get my watches, Ms. Y will get my Silver, my wife will be the guardian of my minor kid Z, and she can have my receivable bills.

One thing that is unforgettable is that insurance claims may not be added to it. Neither the bank accounts are covered in it. While getting the insurance policy or the bank account, you must have added a beneficiary there.

2) What if I left without a will?

If you passed away without having a will, then the state will continue everything according to law. Hence no executer is named, a judge and an administrator will jump in. the judge will appoint an administrator to fill in the executor space. 

All the heritage and guardiancy of kids will be dependent on the state law or the administrator. As the person who is appointed as administrator is unfamiliar and the stranger to your family, the decision he make my not be in favor of your family. This is another reason to must have a will

The will may also be declared void if it does not meet the rules, or the witness is not acceptable. Again, you must need a solicitor help.

3) Who should be the witness?

Anyone who is not minor, or the beneficiary can act as the witness of your will. Otherwise, there will be the conflict of disinterested witness. 

4) Who can be the Executor? 

Any adult family member can be your executor. You can have more than one executor I-e joint executor. Make your executor empowered to some procedures 

5) Who can challenge my will?

Any beneficiary spouse, ex-wife, current wife or the spouse can challenge the will. They can challenge the full or the part of the will. They can challenge if it is suspicious or against the rules.

6) Will services:

There are several solicitors in UK providing this service. Before choosing any of the solicitor make sure that they are well trained, and their training get updated regularly. They know the updated rules and regulations of the will. They should be able to cover the cost if the will is challenged. 

7) Types of will:

There is not just a single type of will. There are few more types:

  • Simple will: a simple one that verifies the direction of transfer of property and possessions. It will need a tester and an executor, and the name, address, age, marital status of tester.
  • Trust will: a formal agreement to give your family extra property protection. This is also a part of your will
  • Joint will: two or more people do the will on same page. This is mostly done by married couple. They leave their assets to each other. If one party is willing to change the will, it can not do unless the second party agrees too
  • Living will: when you are very ill to take care of yourself or to make decisions on your own, then the declaration knows as the Advance Judgement, or the Living Will can be drawn up for this situation 

8) Funeral instruction

You can restrict the family to how to have your funeral. Also, you can mention about the organ donation if you want to. 

All these things are difficult to discuss with family but of course these are so important. You can mention them in your will.



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