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When Business is Slow, SMS Can Revive Engagement

When Business is Slow, SMS Can Revive Engagement

A sluggish business week, month, or season may turn a good fiscal year into a disaster. Fortunately, there are numerous things you may do to resurrect your chances.

What should you do when business is slow? Let’s take a look at six ways you may use SMS gateway to transform that money trickle into a full-fledged revenue stream.

Signs Your Company is in a Slow Season

Before you stress over the status of your company, take a step back and ensure that it is really slowing down. In such a scenario, examine your data to determine whether any of the following claims apply to your business:

  • There is less web or foot traffic than normal.
  • Sales or income are declining.
  • Cash flow is either minor or non-existent.
  • Overall growth has slowed.
  • If these indications of sluggish business seem familiar, it may be time to act.

Of course, some swings in income or traffic are to be expected. However, as quiet days become sluggish weeks, it’s important to concentrate on nurturing current leads and developing new ones.

6 Off-Season SMS Messages

Targeted, well-timed mass mailings might assist you in reviving your sluggish firm. Even if you don’t have quiet times, you can still use these six strategies to promote conversions—as long as you observe business texting etiquette.

  1. Provide off-season specials

You must provide a cause for clients to return to your website or business. Sending out a text message marketing a flash or one-day surprise deal might entice “on the fence” buyers to reconsider your products.

One-day sales also have a time constraint, which adds to the feeling of urgency. In marketing, urgency motivates customers to complete a task—in this example, making a purchase on your website.

  1. Prepare for the Busy Season with Early Bird Offers

You may shift traffic from your peak weeks to your slack seasons by giving early bird discounts. You won’t have to worry about any customers who complete a purchase now.

These “sign up now and save” deals may give you additional income in the near term while also yielding loyal consumers who anticipate the following season in the long run. Early bird discounts are particularly beneficial if your company strategy is based on subscriptions, multi-pass memberships, or season passes.

Early bird messages may also be used to raise excitement for a soon-to-be-released product or service.

  1. Begin collecting reviews and testimonials

With 80% of buyers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, having an honest testimonials section on your website is critical. You may get this “social evidence” by texting previous customers.

If you include a direct link to a product review page in your letter, you’ll have lots of positive feedback before you realize it. And who knows, maybe the increased traffic and discussion will place you on more people’s radar than ever before.

  1. Existing Customers Upsell and Cross-Sell

If you have a customer’s phone number, it indicates that they are already interested in what you have to offer. Use this information to upsell or cross-sell to your loyal customers.

You can determine who to retarget by employing data that you already have. From there, you might send a link to an improved version to consumers who bought an entry-level product or service. Similarly, you might suggest appropriate add-ons or complementing choices.


  1. Inform Your Customers

When business is sluggish, it’s easy to keep pushing your goods and services, but it’s often best to adopt a more conversational approach. Every text message does not have to be a discount or a call to action.

Consider delivering educational messages instead. Depending on your industry, you may send messages about:

  • Instructions for special care
  • Methods for making better utilization of the product or service
  • New feature clarifications
  • new information-packed blog posts

These sorts of communications keep you top of mind and demonstrate to your consumers that you care—all without coming off as too “salesy.”

  1. Referrals should be rewarded

You already have a large network of prospective consumers: your present customers. Reach out to your present client base and urge them to share your offers with a friend to increase your subscription list.

You might, for example, give out a link to a referral code. If your client shares this link with friends or relatives, they may be able to take advantage of promotions, unique content, or limited-edition goods.

Guni may help you continue to grow your business

SMS is the obvious option for connecting with clients, with 85% of smartphone users choosing messages over email or phone calls. While many companies have hopped on board by sending text order confirmations and updates, SMS marketing is still less widespread than you would imagine.

Keeping this in mind, you may use these SMS ideas whenever the company slows down to prevent prolonged bouts of sluggishness. All you need now is a method to send those SMS.

Guni can help you boost your company whether it’s the slow season or not, whether you’re seeking SMS or MMS solutions. Start your free Guni trial now and develop a sustainable company one text at a time.


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