When Is Christmas Jumper Day 2022, and How Can You Take Part

When Is Christmas Jumper Day 2022, and How Can You Take Part

The annual Christmas Jumper Day fundraiser for children in the UK and worldwide is organized by Save the Children. Every December, many individuals are across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Dress festively at their place of employment or education, or gather with friends while making a gift to assist in providing children with the great future they deserve. This year’s Christmas Jumper Day happened on a Thursday, December 8; therefore, the event is now officially gone. But if you still need to participate, don’t worry. Any other day you choose is fine.

When Was Christmas Jumper Day 2022?

The national day for donning your favorite sweater was previously held on a Friday, but that changed in 2022. It was on December 8, Thursday this time. Christmas Jumper Day was observed on December 10, 2021. It typically falls on the second or third Friday of each month.

How Can You Take Part In It If You Have Missed The Actual Day?

Save The Children UK advises hosting the day at a more convenient time for you and your friends if you need a different date. Save the Children UK says that everyone and anybody may join. “Anyone and everyone may participate.

In the UK or anywhere else, at school, work, or home. Even your pet. This year might be even more spectacular than last year when millions of individuals said they would don a ridiculous sweater.

Save the Children advises against buying a brand-new jumper since you may reuse an old one or buy a used one from a charity shop. Grab a jumper from your closet and decorate it with stickers, tinsel, or glitter to create something unique.

Wear your favorite holiday sweater to work, school, or on another suitable occasion if you want to raise awareness of this worthwhile cause. If some of you are still working from home, arrange a Zoom meeting with your colleagues and share your happiness on social media.

Information on Donations to Save the Children:

All you have to do to participate in the annual occasion is pull out your old favorite jumper and wear it to work, school, or with your pals. According to the charity website, “the UK government has agreed to provide £2 to Save the Children for every £2 you donate.

That means twice as much money and twice as much pleasure! Save the Children has excellent plans to assist mothers and infants in Kenya with all that additional money. If you are at school, you can contribute £1 and £2 to the charity. On the website of Save the Children, you may find out more about the occasion and donate.


Coach Christmas is the designated coach for Christmas Jumper Day, and he helps you have the finest day ever every year. He is picture throughout this website, and you may recognize him from earlier Christmas Jumper Days. He would have gotten in touch via email to let you know how to pay your donations if you signed up this year.

In the past, Save the Children collaborated with merchants to create brand-new Christmas sweaters for sale. This year, they have decided against doing it. Instead, the charity promotes the reusing of sweaters from prior seasons.


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