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When should I apply anti ageing cream? Know the right age and how to apply

When should I apply anti ageing cream? Know the right age and how to apply

Skin care routine should be followed according to the skin. The needs of the skin are different in every age and condition. In such a situation, before using a skin care product on the skin, it must be checked whether your skin is suitable for this product? Especially if you are starting to apply anti-aging cream, then first of all, know at what age anti-aging product or cream should be used. So that your skin can get full nutrition. Because some people think their skin is just too good, there’s no need for anti-aging. But it is not so, especially after an age, women should use anti-aging. Today we are going to tell in this article the right age to apply an anti-aging product. Let us know about this in detail-

When should I apply anti aging cream?

To avoid any problem, it is necessary to prevent it. There are many of us who, after getting sick, treat them. But it is not so, if you adopt prevention in advance to avoid the disease, then you can also avoid the disease. Also, if for some reason you fall in the grip of that problem, then it can also be dealt with immediately. So don’t look for a solution after a problem occurs, but avoid that problem. The same rule applies to the age of applying anti-aging creams.

Some people believe that if they do not have any kind of wrinkles or fine lines on their skin, then they do not need to apply anti-aging cream. But it is not so if you already use anti-aging cream to prevent wrinkles, then you will not have this kind of problem in increasing age.

Anti-aging products not only prevent wrinkles. Rather it also protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, do not apply anti-aging cream after the skin is old. Rather, apply it to prevent premature ageing of the skin.

Many skin care experts say that ageing starts at the age of 30. In such a situation, anti-aging should be started at this age. Yes, but if you want, you can start applying anti-aging cream even before that i.e. after 25. In order to avoid the problems of aging. This will make your skin look youthful. Along with this, other signs of ageing will also not be visible on the face.

How does anti ageing cream work on the skin?

The skin itself renews itself in a few days. That is, your dead skin or old skin cells are removed and new cells are formed. This is called the life-cycle of skin cells. With age, the life-cycle of skin cells slows down. In such a situation, anti-aging cream works to remove dead cells of the skin and provide them nutrition, which does not affect the life cycle of your skin cells. It can also protect your skin from getting dull.

How to use Anti Aging?

You get better results by using anti aging cream at night. So try to always apply anti-aging cream or other products at night. To apply an anti-aging product, first clean the face with makeup remover. Then clean the face thoroughly with a cleanser. If you want, you can also use face wash.

After that let the face dry well. Then apply lotion or face oil to hydrate the skin. After that apply anti-aging cream on your face. Then massage upward (from bottom to top) with light hands. Massage the face for about five minutes. You will get a lot of benefit from this.

Using anti aging cream after the age of 25 – 26 keeps your skin young for a long time. Therefore, start applying anti-aging cream on time. At the same time, keep in mind that if you have a particular problem, then apply a product only on the advice of an expert.


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