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Where to get a research papers?

Where to get a research papers?

Nearly two million academic research papers are freely available.


On August 15, 2022, a news report on the Nature website “pointed out that Unpaywall has established an association with a scientific search engine to help scholars obtain open access articles, which has become an indispensable part of many scholars. What kind of platform is Unpaywall? topics to write a research paper on!


Jason Priem (left) and Heather Piwowar helped develop Unpaywall.


Unpaywall is an Impactstory project that helps academic research become more open, accessible, and reusable. In 2011, Unpaywall appeared in the guest marathon. After that, Piwowar and Priem established a non-profit organization called Impactstory in Vancouver, Canada, to improve the Unpaywall platform. The platform has the following features:


Utilized and trusted by senior organizations


The platform has been integrated into thousands of library systems, search platforms, and other information products (e.g., Web of Science). Users can easily find freely available research papers in institutional repositories. On July 26, 2022, Elsevier announced plans to integrate Unpaywall into its Scopus database search, enabling it to provide users with more free-to-read documents than currently available.


Open source and non-profit


  • Impactstory, a non-profit organization, runs Unpaywall, and the platform’s source code is also open source.


The platform integrates projects ranging from undergraduate coursework to global corporations, and whatever type of data users can be sourced from the platform.


Unpaywall’s database contains nearly 2 million freely available scholarly articles, and most researchers currently use a browser add-on released in 2017 to access the platform. When a user browses a paid article, the plug-in checks its database for free copies and, if so, displays a green label on the computer screen, which researchers can click to read. The Unpaywall service works by searching for an article’s unique numerical tag (a string of numbers and letters known as a DOI or Digital Object Identifier) ​​that matches a collection of articles from 50,000 journals and knowledge bases. Correspond.


Recently, the US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has been working with Impactstory to develop a custom tool using Unpaywall to identify the NIMH laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland, and the nearby Luo. The extent to which researchers are working at Kerver can make their papers, data, and source code freely available. Separately, Impactstory received an $850,000 grant last month to create a search engine for non-scientists.


CNKI dissertation database (ordered by the library)


Including “China Doctoral Dissertation Full-text Database” and “China’s Excellent Master’s Degree Thesis Full-text Database,” it is currently the complete domestic relevant resources, the highest quality of the collection order cheap essay, and continuous and dynamic update of the full-text database of dissertations.

As of May 2022, the library has published more than 400,000 doctoral dissertations from more than 480 doctoral training units and more than 4.1 million master’s theses from more than 760 master’s training units, dating back to 1984, covering basic science and engineering. Technology, agriculture, medicine, philosophy, humanities, social sciences, and other fields.


Wanfang Dissertation Database (ordered by the library)


The data resource provider is the China Institute of Science and Technology Information, a national legal dissertation collection institution. The sources included in this library are the institutions of higher learning or scientific research institutions that have been approved to grant degrees.


At present, the database has published more than 4.13 million doctoral and master theses selected by more than 600 985 and 211 key universities, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Engineering, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Academy of Medical Sciences, and other institutions, of which more than 3.1 million are full texts, accounting for 3.1 million of the postgraduate degree-granting units. More than 85%. It covers basic science, science, industrial technology, medicine and health, agricultural science, aerospace, environmental science, and other disciplines, dating back to 1980.


CALIS Dissertation Center Service System (Document Delivery)


It includes master’s and doctoral dissertations from several CALIS member libraries, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, and other nationally renowned universities.

There are more than 3.84 million doctoral and master’s dissertations, including about 1.72 million dissertations in Chinese and about 2.12 million in foreign languages.


Doctoral dissertation database in the National Library of China (free)


It is a database of doctoral dissertations built by the National Library of China. With real-name registration, users can use it online, but only 24 pages of text can be viewed online, whether inside or outside the library.


National Science and Technology Book Documentation Center (NSTL) Dissertation System (Abstract)


Collecting doctoral and master thesis and postdoctoral reports of Chinese universities and research institutes, with more than 2 million pieces of data. More than 60,000 papers are added annually, and the full text can be purchased after free registration.


Foreign Degree Thesis Resources


ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT) (ordered by the library)


It includes citations and abstracts of doctoral and master theses from more than 2,000 colleges and universities worldwide (mainly North America), covering from the world’s first doctoral dissertation (Netherlands) passed in 1637 to the one passed this semester this year. Ph.D. thesis information.

PQDT is currently the world’s largest and most widely used dissertation database. There are more than 760,000 dissertations available for download, and more than 2.4 million dissertations provide abstract information.


OCLC FirstSearch—WorldCatDissertations (ordered by the library)


The resources come from the libraries of world-class universities. There are more than 8 million doctoral and master theses. Some documents have free full-text links and can be downloaded for free. They are essential reference materials in academic research.


MIT Theses (OA resources)


Part of the MIT institutional library DSpace@MIT, search by author, subject, etc. Browse by subject category, and download the full text of the PDF directly.


The University of Hong Kong Dissertation Database (OA Resources)


It includes 26,000 masters and doctoral theses awarded by the University of Hong Kong since 1941. As of October 2018, 26,522 are full electronic texts.


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Dissertation Database (OA Resources)


Provide the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Since 1994 doctoral and master’s thesis, part of the full text can be downloaded.


Cambridge University Institutional Knowledge Base (OA Resources)


Provide Cambridge University-related journals, academic papers, dissertations, and other electronic resources.


EthOS UK Electronic Dissertation Online Portal (OA Resources)


Ethos is a free online site for finding UK dissertations, with more than 470,000 dissertations currently available. About 160,000 have full papers, downloaded either through the EThOS database or by linking to the institution’s repository.

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