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Which Type of Sugar Best For Official Purpose In UAE

Which Type of Sugar Best For Official Purpose In UAE

The office environment is certainly more on the serious side. Everyone within the corporate environment gets engaged in their work and follows strategic operations.

In between all those lengthy meetings, cumbersome customer handling sessions, and hours of a desk job, coffee time is an ideal rejuvenating factor. A majority of professionals wait eagerly for that 15-min coffee brake during the official surroundings to energize themselves.

As you already know, the caffeine content in coffee is responsible for arousing your senses, getting rid of your sleepy mode, and energizing you from within. Most importantly, the aromatic smell of coffee certainly me you feel refreshed from the inside.

So, just like full-day working hours is incomplete without having a brewing cup of coffee. Similarly, your coffee is incomplete without adding the required amount of sugar to it. Now, the question is which sugar is best for you. White sugar or the brown one?

Most people face the dilemma of selecting an ideal sugar to stay healthy and not consume too many calories inside. Even official premises admin individuals need to consider both the quality of white and brown sugar packets arranged for the workplace surroundings.

Well, what matters the most is knowing the difference between the two types of sugar and making a bulk order for the same in the UAE.

Here in this blog, we let you know the differentiation between brown and white sugar along with related advantages to make an ideal decision.

Without any further ado, let’s get started on the same.

Process of Making the Sugar 

Before making the choice between white sugar and brown sugar or even going for both. First, understand the initial making process. Sugarcane is the raw material from which sugar is made. It is first juiced and boiled to form a thick syrup which is called molasses. This particular form is crystallized and processed in a few steps. The first lot of the sugar has a certain quantity of molasses which is of a brown shade and clearly, brown sugar is made. After adding varying amounts of molasses and refining the same white sugar is prepared.

So, that’s how you know the process is sugar making is followed. And clearly, brown sugar is the first by-product of sugarcane, followed by white sugar.

Calorie Content of Both Sugar Types

To make the best decision buying bulk quantity of brown or sugar white small packets for the office, it is relevant to know the nutritional content.

Brown sugar contains 0.25 calories as compared to white sugar. It implies the fact that 1 teaspoon of both white sugars has 20 calories and brown sugar has just 0.25% of the same. In that case, brown sugar is a healthy option as compared to white.

Advantages & Risks of Having White Sugar


  • White sugar has more carbohydrates compared to brown one. Thus, it provides a burst of energy into your body to stay awake and tastes best after adding in coffee.
  • This type of sugar has a large quantity of glucose in it. And glucose is responsible for providing fuel to your brain along with enhancing thinking, learning, and retention power.
  • Psychologically speaking, white sugar is a mood reliever for many people. It has components inside that can lift your mood in a short span of time.


  • Excess consumption of white sugar in your coffee or in any dish leads to an increasing level of LDL cholesterol. This condition can further lead to the blocking of arteries and even heart attack at some stage.
  • White sugar is full of carbohydrates and empty calories inside. So, if you consume an excess amount of white sugar, then it can further lead to fat accumulation and obesity.
  • Once again excessive intake of brown sugar can lead to shooting up the blood glucose level. As a result of this, you might experience a hormonal imbalance in the body.

Advantages & Risks of Having Brown Sugar 


  • Brown sugar has fewer amount of calories compared to white sugar. It helps promote weight loss after consuming the same in a limited quantity. And further, satiate your sweet craving.
  • Just like white sugar, brown one also acts as an energy booster for every single consumer. It breaks into glucose inside your body to enhance your working and learning ability.
  • Brown sugar is an amazing source of exfoliating the skin. It helps smoothen the skin to an optimum extent.


  • Excess consumption of brown sugar can increase your blood glucose level. Ultimately, results in an irregular heartbeat or heart attack at some stage.
  • Too much consumption of brown sugar in beverages or meals can lead to weak bones and a low state of energy.


Buying small packets of brown and white sugar is essential to fulfilling the sweet craving in the official surroundings. But it is relevant to understand the difference between the two to decide the required quantity of a particular sugar type.

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