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Why Create a Mobile Printing Environment in Your Workplace?

Why Create a Mobile Printing Environment in Your Workplace?

If you run any small, medium, or large business, you must know the importance of constantly adapting to technological advancements to keep improving the work processes. Through a mobile printing setup, you can get high-quality printouts instantly without having to install multiple traditional printers with every desktop. You should have a Wi-Fi-enabled printer that can easily be connected to a printing app for android for quick printing.

For the uninitiated, mobile printing refers to sending a print job from any mobile device or tablet to a nearby printer for quality printouts. Most workplaces are currently using wireless printing in some form for apparent benefits, and you can too. If you feel an investment in a multi-function, advanced printer is not worth the investment, this article will make you reconsider your decision. After talking to numerous entrepreneurs, we’ve compiled this article featuring compelling reasons for the need to create a mobile printing environment in your workplace. So let’s quickly check what they had to say in the list shared below.

1.  Reduced Costs

People running big workplaces would relate to this point. You must have invested in multiple traditional printers earlier for each desktop, so employees don’t face problem. But did you ever calculate the expenses you incurred to acquire so many printers? In most cases, the amount exceeds multiple thousands of dollars.

Some businesses even lease expensive equipment like printers (in bulk), so the recurring payment can easily create a dent in the business revenue. If this relates to you, consider investing in Wi-Fi-enabled printers. These advanced printers can eliminate the need for additional printing devices in your office. Your employees can use the same printer using a printing app for android even though the printer is located at a distance from their seat. It will eventually help you save more by eliminating unwanted expenses.

2. Increased Productivity

As a business owner, you would agree that increased productivity always creates excellent value for businesses. And one of the best, most secure ways to increase productivity is by letting employees work on the go. When they are tied to a particular device to execute a specific task, like printing important documents, their productivity is bound to get negatively impacted. But when you give them the flexibility to perform the function from wherever they want without much complexity, you can expect increased employee productivity.

Wireless printing can appear like a minor task, but it significantly impacts peoples’ productivity. When you save employees time, they can use it to perform other essential tasks. If you have a big team at your workplace, mobile printing can prevent them from wasting time by constantly coming back and forth to their workstations to execute a printing job. Installing a top-notch printer with an easy connection to a printing app for android can make things a lot easier, streamlined, and improved for your employees, resulting in increased productivity.

3.  Improved Cybersecurity

Since much information goes through a printer while printing, these devices can pose a massive vulnerability risk in wireless networks. Some mistake printers with an ordinary task-oriented machines whose only job is printing the required documents. In reality, most modern printers act like computers. Through Memory cache all information that is passed gets stored. This single feature is enough for hackers to target printers. They can act as a weak point to enter your workplace’s LAN they’re associated with.

Fortunately, you can reduce this risk by replacing your traditional printers with mobile printing devices. Today’s advanced mobile printing solution can secure all the information you send to your printer behind a firewall. This feature can keep hacking instances at bay and secure your commercial data. With the right mobile printing solutions, you can also keep employee traffic separated from customer or guest traffic. It will ensure no third party with malicious intent gets access to your primary network.

4.  More Convenience for Everyone

If you can connect your printer to a printing app for android, more than half of your printing vows will come to an end. This is true for organizations wherein printing documents is an inseparable part of the regular workflow. If you want to make printing convenient for all your employees, draft an improved on-the-go printing policy. That must mandate using a mobile printing solution. It will ensure the printing processes are standard across departments and promote convenience.

Using mobile printing solutions is your employees can use GPS through the mobile printing app to locate the nearest printer. Offices might have part-time workers, full-time workers, contractors visiting your office, or even some clients willing to get documents printed. They all can use the same printer without having to connect it to a particular device via a USB cable. All this promotes convenience and makes work easier for everyone involved.

5.  Mobile Printing Solutions & Your Bottom Line

Whether you run any small business or a large enterprise, you cannot ignore the cost-benefit of implementing new technology. It will help determine the quality of your work processes and your bottom line. Investing in mobile printing solutions can be the best solution if you want to cut unnecessary business expenses and boost your revenue. If you can connect to a printer using a printing app for android, you will reap the benefits discussed above.

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