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Why Do People Start Smoking? IVG Bar

Why Do People Start Smoking? IVG Bar

Some people start smoking because of their emotions. People think that smoking helps handle their stress, anxiety and depression. If you are stressed and think smoking is very helpful to quit smoking and start IVG Bar vape, then you are thinking totally wrong. Smoking is a huge source of anxiety and stress in the human body. So, we can say that people start smoking because of their emotions, and they think smoking helps deal with emotions lite stress and anxiety.


Some people start smoking because of their friends. They start smoking under peer pressure. According to the research, teenagers start smoking because they think that smoking is cool. The tobacco industry is also a reason to give hype to smoking. The tobacco industry promotes its tobacco products through ads on the packets. If you want to get rid of smoking, you should start vaping. IVG Bar Disposable Vapes are the best for the new vapers.

Who Is More Addicted To Nicotine:

Nicotine is an addictive element, and anyone can be addicted to smoking. Mostly young people and teenagers are more attracted to cigarettes. Some start smoking because they think they look cool by putting a cigarette in their mouth.  According to a survey in 2014, 3 out of 4 high school students are addicted to smoking.

Smoking as a Habit:

Some people smoke because they think that they can pass their time easily in this way. They don’t even know that their life is at risk due to this thing.  If you are addicted to smoking, it’s more like a habit. You are smoking while watching a Tv, playing a video game or reading a book. Why does this happen? The main reason is addiction.

The nicotine in regular cigarettes is more harmful as compared to the nicotine in vapes. There is a burning process involved in smoking, and due to this burning process, the nicotine in regular cigarettes is harmful. On the other hand, disposable vapes such as ivg diamond bar or other vape devices don’t involve the burning process, and nicotine in the vapes is less harmful.

Vaping as an Alternative:

According to research, vaping is 95% safer than smoking. If you want to quit smoking, you should use disposable vapes like ivg crystal bar. These vapes help quit smoking. New vapers can use these devices easily because they don’t involve any complexities. There is no need to press any button while using these disposable devices.


Vaping could be a source to deal with emotions like stress and anxiety. Vaping is the best alternative to smoking and is 95% safer than smoking. According to the study, vaping helps quit smoking. The nicotine in the vapes is in liquid form, which is not very harmful to human health. So, new vapers should use disposable vapes to get rid of smoking.

Freedom Of Choice In Vaping:

There are many benefits of vaping. The most important thing about vaping is that it’s the best alternative to smoking. You can start vaping if you want to get rid of smoking. The good news for vapers is that they can enjoy more freedom. Different vapes have multiple options. You can add your favourite e-liquid flavour to the vapes. You can keep the nicotine strength according to your capacity.

Whereas, vape mods help you save money in the longer run; want to know how? The batteries of vape mods usually last longer than disposable vapes. Besides, there are some vape pods that use dual batteries.

Battery Replacement:

Disposable vapes have some limitations; like in some vapes, you cannot draw more than 600 puffs; why? Because the battery drains out. Batteries are the most important components of vape devices. Without a battery, your vape device will not work.

A battery powers a coil, which heats e-liquids. In disposable vapes, you cannot change the batteries. They come with pre-charged batteries, and once the battery is finished, you are supposed to discard them.

What’s the point of spending money on a device that doesn’t even last longer? There is an exceptional range of people who spent a significant amount of money on disposable vapes. They purchase a device, and when the battery runs out, they just throw it away, then they buy another device and do the same.

Coil Changing:

If the battery of these mods gets low, you can instantly charge them. Also, you can replace them if they get faulty. A good vape battery will heat your coil quickly and produce big clouds of vapours.


According to research, most teenagers are addicted to smoking. The tobacco industry hype smoking because they just want to sell their products. You can see the smoking ads on your TV, movies and other online platforms. In this modern time, there are several ways to quit smoking. Vaping is the best source to get rid of smoking and helps quit smoking. Disposable vapes are the best for the new vapers, and they can use them easily.


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