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Why Do You Need a Pressure Relieving Mattress Futon?

Why Do You Need a Pressure Relieving Mattress Futon?

With stress becoming a part of our fast-paced life, several individuals suffer from recurring conditions like backache, insomnia, and muscle sprains.

While such issues can have their roots just about anywhere, many people fail to understand their choice of mattress can be a contributor.

According to leading sleep experts, our sleeping posture dominates our shut-eye period during the night. So, the more comfortable we are in our bed, the better we sleep.

A latex mattress futon is one such thing that has been prescribed time and again for people who complain of symptoms like fatigue, back pain, and headaches every alternate day.

Designed with the sole intention to support your spine, especially during sleep, a latex mattress futon effortlessly lifts the pressure from the lumbar, thus offering you a cue to sound, undisturbed sleep.

In this post, we mull over multiple reasons that make latex mattress futons a great choice.

Read on!

But first, let’s answer an important question.

Can You Sleep On A Futon Every Night?

The answer is yes!

A futon was originally meant to be used as a mattress that goes with standard bedding. Several sleep studies have confirmed that there is potentially no harm in sleeping on a futon daily. Ideally, it should serve two purposes namely, relieving pressure and ensuring comfort all the way.

Freedom From Back Pain

Multiple studies have concluded that no less than eighty percent of the population globally complain of back pain more than once in their lifetime.

In the United States, a whopping number of sixty-five million Americans report back pain, and another sixteen million have developed a chronic issue. Using a latex mattress futon can greatly alleviate back pain as it tends to even out the body weight across the lumbar, spine, and knees.

This is chiefly due to the presence of latex foam that cradles across heavier body parts easily, like shoulders and hips. As such, the light contouring offers great pressure relief across the lower back and joints. Given the natural elasticity of latex, the natural alignment of your spine stays intact no matter how many times you switch sides in your sleep, night or day.

Pro Tip: For extra comfort, you can always add a soft layer of cotton atop your latex mattress futon.

And that’s not all, besides just proving to be a great pressure relieving option, a latex mattress futon packs in a slew of benefits that you are about to find out next.

Cutting Down The Risk Of Allergies

A latex mattress futon uses nothing but pure cotton as its make-material, and thus it is chemical-free. This is another great feature, especially for all those prone to allergies. Just make sure you use thin layers of futons as it helps keep the bacteria and fungi away compared to the thick beddings.

Also, a latex mattress futon promotes great air circulation throughout the night. So, it helps in regulating your body temperature, thereby offering a refreshing feeling-always a plus point for people residing in humid or tropical regions.

Maintenance Is A Breeze

While cleaning mattresses can be a stressful affair for many, a latex mattress futon has a different story to tell.

It’s extremely easy to maintain as you don’t need to wash it now and then. Instead, use the upholstery attachment that comes with your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust and mite from regular use. Also, because of its lightweight, a latex mattress is easy to air out in the sun.

A Universal Choice

Seldom do you find a mattress option as reliable and befitting as a futon. They are not only great aid to people who complain of disturbed sleep but also for all those who suffer from sciatica and poor blood circulation. Here’s more to how a latex mattress futon renders itself a universally convenient option.

  • A perfect pick for pregnant women– A latex mattress futon can be easily adjusted to a higher profile bed at your convenience.
  • You will never have to worry about your children – Children are usually jumpy in bed and sometimes fall off too in their sleep. With a latex mattress futon, the elasticity and body contouring feature will ensure the little ones are better gripped to the bed so that you don’t have to check on them every night.
  • Easy to move– Since a latex mattress futon is way lighter than other options, it can be moved around easily. This is great when you are looking to re-decorate your bedroom, saving time and labor in tandem.

Wrap Up

From supporting your spine to easy maintenance, choosing a futon can certainly be a wise choice.

However, it is the quality of a latex mattress futon that is usually the game-changer. So, before bringing home a new one, you should spend a considerable amount of time conducting market research.

Have you ever used a latex mattress futon for your bedding? Did it work to relieve your body pain? Drop us a line below and let us know.


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