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Why Is Access Control Needed In The Workplace?

Why Is Access Control Needed In The Workplace?

A place of work consists of more than just a structure. There is a ceiling and four walls. The individuals and concepts that make up a company are what make up its essence, though. Physical security alone won’t suffice to safeguard these priceless assets. Intellectual property must be protected from unauthorized access and restricted areas of the workplace must be kept secure. It’s also important to make it simple for the locals to get where they need to go. Because of this, many workplaces purchase electronic access control systems.

Access control: what is it?

Access control system maintenance in its most basic definition is a technique for physical security that regulates or restricts access to a space. To put it another way, it serves as a method of ensuring that everyone entering the building has permission to do so. Take a look at a commonplace, basic access control method: a house key. The key you have may be duplicated. Perhaps just for you or for a select group of people, such as your loved ones, close friends, or your reliable neighbours. There may be restrictions on entry for those without a key. It would be extremely challenging for them to enter.

The workplace operates under the same general tenet. Many businesses have limitations on who is permitted in their building. or who is permitted to enter particular floors or rooms? These are standard safety preventative measures that must be taken to prevent unintentional exposure to potentially hazardous materials or private data. The workplace is regularly visited by a large number of people from different backgrounds, unlike a home. Persons from outside the company are frequently included in this. The conventional approaches to access control (such as using physical keys) fall short on a larger scale. You’d need to confirm that each visitor is who they claim to be, even if there was a security desk. . For this reason, a growing number of businesses have transitioned to electronic access control systems. Typical formats include:

Mobile QR codes and pin-pad security

ID badges

Security software

Fingerprint or facial recognition

Let`s see why access control is needed for the workplace,

Ensure The Safety Of Your Network, Persons, And Assets

By making visitors watch safety videos and sign NDAs before being admitted, you can reduce theft, safety risks, and compliance violations. Additionally, you can limit workplace access based on health status using some workplace platforms. You could, for instance, require visitors to wait until an admin has verified their necessary health documentation before entering.

Know Who Is Present At All Times

Keep track of who enters and exits, as well as their times. Everybody who is anticipated to be present, their expected arrival time and their check-in status are automatically logged by a good solution. When there is a crisis, this is essential. You can make sure everybody is present without adding more work to your front desk administrators by automatically keeping an up-to-date visitor log via your access control system.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Electronic access control eliminates the requirement for installing or replacing locks, supplying or replacing keys, and hiring additional safety guards. All management is computerized. Large businesses with numerous buildings and floors benefit most from this degree of efficiency. Particularly valid for property owners with multiple tenants. . By incorporating their access control system with their electronic equipment, businesses in those situations may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars. Reduce energy costs by only lighting up the floors and suites that have guests that day.

Boost Productivity And Experience For Employees

Access control can also improve workers’ experiences at work. Employees might be subject to subtly various entry requirements than guests, but they can still be automatically granted or denied access to particular buildings, floors, or rooms. In addition to feeling safer on-site, workers will value having simple access to important workspace locations. Without security guards, they can reach their destination while maintaining their sense of safety regarding everybody else’s right to be there.

Integrate To Quickly Verify Identities

Systems for electronic access control can connect to other office systems in an incredibly practical way. Routine tasks can be automated to a greater extent the more tools you have integrated. Faster tracking and identity verification are possible by integrating with directory services like Azure or Active Directory. Alternatively, you could connect your access control system to other building-management devices, such as the HVAC, lighting, or parking systems. Integrating with a visitor management system is a practical method of accomplishing this (VMS). Once an admin confirms their ability to enter the premises, the VMS sends the appropriate credentials to the visitors. To provide thorough, seamless security, these systems can talk to one another and cooperate.

The Bottom Line

The time to improve the security measures at your place of business is never too late. Discover how you can protect the employees and ideas of your business.


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