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Why is Janam Kundli matching for marriage Important?

Why is Janam Kundli matching for marriage Important?

Before every Hindu marriage in India, kundali generation is a must. It has been practice for decades. Kundli online Milan should be done by a well-known and experienced astrologer who can give you accurate calculations. To avoid trouble, it is necessary that the kundali of the bride and groom match.

Regardless of social class or background, this tradition was practice throughout India. There are many factors that are checked based on Kundali Milan like marriage compatibility, relationship quotient, family adjustment and financial symmetry.

Marriage Compatibility:

Everyone wants to have a happy and spotless married life. It is an unforgettable and invaluable event for everyone. In Hindu marriages, marriage is not just an emotional and spiritual bond, but this vow is permanent and lasts for seven lifetimes.

It is because of marriage that two individuals come together and are together after they make a unanimous decision. There are certain processes in Kundali Milan that after completion will tell whether the girl and boy are compatible for marriage or not.

With the help of Kundli online of each individual, you will know the position of stars, and planets, their existence in 12 different houses and the meaning of their existence. It is very important for them to match.

Relationship Share:

As said earlier, astrology includes answers and calculations for anything related to your life, especially for marriage. It is one of the fundamental reasons because it predicts the importance and success of the bond.

To get accurate results Kundali online should be considered based on date of birth, place of birth, zodiac sign and name as per alphabets and numerology. All these parameters are vital for making Kundali.

While comparing the Kundalis of a boy and a girl, the points obtained while calculating the Gunas are important. A minimum of 18 out of 36 is consider suitable. The marriage can proceed if they score 18 and above.

Family and customization:

Marriage is not only about two people, but also about the whole family, including children. It’s like a relationship between two families.

Some marriages can also be experience by the extend family. There may be times when both families become deeply involved, bringing them closer each day.

Astrology plays a significant role here. The tradition of merging kundalis helps determine whether two people involved in an auspicious marriage node are capable of keeping their families together.

Financial condition:

Kundali compatibility is important because it can give an idea of ​​how compatible the bride and groom will be when it comes to money.

Financial stability is a very important factor in everyone’s life, so it is important to consider it well before marriage.

Kundali matching will thus reveal how much each partner spends and whether they can balance their financial situation together.

Prediction of potential doshas:

Once someone is born, the star placement and birth details determine that person’s future. Hence Kundli matching is very important to know whether the bride or groom has certain doshas in their kundli or not.

Certain doshas like Mangal dosha and Shani dosh are likely to cause problems at the time of marriage and after marriage. Therefore, it is very important to control these doses and take necessary measures to address their effect.

Each dosha can be cure by certain pujas and with proper consultation of an experience astrologer remedial measures can be take before these two get marry.

Compatibility with children:

Kundali matching before marriage is again important if you want an insight into your offspring’s health.

Nadi guna is the one that tells about the number of offspring you and your partner are likely to have and whether there is a chance of any problem after marriage regarding childbirth.

Every family is complete once a child is born. Therefore, the parents of the bride and the groom will pay special attention to this while matching the kundli.

But what exactly is a kundli match? Why is this so important?

Everything on Earth is affect by the movements of the planets. Lunar tides are an example of the influence of celestial bodies on nature. We, humans, are no exception, our qualities, strengths, weaknesses and wealth are determine by these heavenly bodies. Fortunately for us, we have astrology that gives us insight into our destiny. Kundli matching checks the features of the bride and groom to ensure they can get along well and lead a happy married life.

Astroeshop experts compare the two horoscopes with respect to the eight aspects of both the kundali known as ashtakoota in Vedic astrology. Each aspect gets points or gunas and in total there are 36 guns associate with ashtakoota. This is how the gunas are distribute for each koota.

Kundali problem-solving?

“Though hearts meet many times, other things coincide, but the stars do not align in the Kundali.

So what to do in such cases? Here the kundali which is a very important aspect can be correct by following the path and ways show by the astrologers. It offers you solutions to problems if the kundli do not match. This Lagna kundli match tries to solve the problems that may arise in your married life. So kundli matching for marriage becomes very important.

Every parent desires a blissful and well-arranged life for their children. For this Kundali Milan is the basis which tells us about the compatibility and compensation that can be done to avoid a bad future for the children. So kundali Milan for marriage gives satisfaction to parents and they go for kundali Milan for marriage as a help. Parents conduct Kundali marriages.

If you need insight into your Kundali, contact experts for accurate results.

Effects of Dasha or Mangal of bride or groom on his or her being a partner

Many times star placement or dasha in the bride’s horoscope can affect the groom’s life or mangalica in the groom’s horoscope can affect the bride’s life. So these problems need to be solve. So astrologers can tell us about upay which is a remedy to get rid of such effects.

Effect of Dasha of a child on couple

This aspect helps us to know Kundli Milan astrology. Sometimes the Dasha of a child’s birth is very important. The birth of a Dasha child can affect the couple’s life, and then these issues need to be resolve. So many times the astrologer guides the bride and groom to perform certain poojas or perform certain rituals to remove this dosha. So, in order to have a happy life ahead of their children, the husband and wife do activities directed by an astrologer based on vivah kundli Milan or kundali for marriage.

Is Kundali Matching Necessary?

Kundali matching is part of the Hindu marriage matching process and is an important deciding factor in marriage decisions. If some are asking whether Kundli matching is necessary, ideally there is no answer. Kundali matching cannot guarantee a happy married life because happiness is much more dependent on the subject’s horoscope than the kundali matching process.

All we would say is, even though it is not necessary, if you have a chance to match your Kundli before marriage, it will be a wise choice to do so. Since the kundli itself is not harmful. Moreover, if used effectively, kundali matching can help you better understand your relationship during and before married life.


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