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Why Is Knowing Facial Features Important When Shopping for Human Hair Wigs?

Why Is Knowing Facial Features Important When Shopping for Human Hair Wigs?

It’s crucial to pick a wig that complements the wearer’s facial features. Different wig designs go well with various face forms. While selecting the right human hair wigs make sure to produce a very natural-looking appearance, and other people will not know you are wearing wigs.

Users should pull their hair back and stand in front of a mirror to better assess their facial shape by looking at the entire face from the hairline to the chin. Here are different face shapes, and right human hair wigs are recommended.

1)Diamond-Shaped Face

It is called a diamond shape if you have broad, high cheekbones, a smaller forehead, and a thin pointed chin. For a face with a diamond shape, you should use a wig with volume over the forehead to broaden this little area.

The chin and lower face appear wider when the hair is shoulder length, bobbed, or tucked behind the ears. Highlight your cheekbones, and style the wigs close to the head at this point. Wigs with numerous additional layers add volume and movement.

2)Heart-Shaped Face

People with heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead that narrows dramatically into a relatively small chin. Bangs or fringes can cover up the width of the forehead on the human hair wig.

A balanced appearance can be achieved using styles with volume around the lower jaw, making the chin appear more in proportion to the forehead. Long human hair wigs effectively complement the heart-shaped facial structure, especially if several layers are incorporated into the style.

3)Oval-Shaped Face

Oval faces are the most adaptable regarding suitable wig styles because they are uniform and well-proportioned among all facial forms. Any wig style—long, short, straight, or curly—works equally well to produce a natural, fashionable appearance.

4)Round-Shaped Face

Soft, rounded chins and hairlines characterize round faces. The face is the widest across the cheekbones, any wig designs that aid in giving the appearance of a longer, more balanced face is suitable.

The best wig choices for those with bigger faces are long, layered designs, those with an off-center parting, and short hairstyles with volume at the top of the head but less volume near the face.

5)Pear-Shaped Face

A broad, rounded chin and a relatively small forehead define a pear-shaped face. The goal is to choose a wig that will draw attention away from the chin for a natural, attractive appearance. Choose short, cropped hairstyles with a full, angled fringe or bangs to achieve this. Another alternative is to go for a shortcut with a voluminous crown and a neatly cropped face.

6) Square-Shaped Face

The short face, powerful jaw, straight chin, and straight hairline are all characteristics of the square-shaped facial structure. Square-faced people, like those with round faces, wish to lengthen their faces to give them more structure and proportion.

This can be achieved by acquiring wigs comparable to those previously suggested for people with round faces.


Though most women don’t look for the human hair wigs that suit them best, they go for a hairstyle they desire. However, if you want to purchase the right wigs, you better check your face shape.

Get the best human hair wigs from the wig factory, and you can do it from Hair Factory!


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