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Because summer has finally arrived, you have probably updated your closet with some new pieces that follow this year’s hottest trends. Though you might be tempted to try them on immediately, please remember to clean them thoroughly before your first wear.

Fabric Dyeing

Extra dyes added to new clothes dry cleaning after they are manufactured often wash out in the first wash. You risk dye transfer to your skin and other clothes dry cleaning if you don’t wash them first.

Synthetic Materials

When you buy something new, it still has traces of the chemicals used to improve the colour and texture. This could trigger an allergic reaction like a rash on people with sensitive skin.

Individuals who have previously worn

It’s possible that several other people tried on the item you just bought before you. It’s also possible it was a garment that was sent back. As a result, the clothes dry cleaning may have picked up germs from the wearer’s sweat, odour from their skin, and even dead skin cells.

Take your new clothes dry cleaning to ZIPS for a risk-free starting point in your relationship with them.


Check out the garment hangers you’re currently using. Have they been wired? Wood? Plastic? Velvet? You may have a variety of them, or you may have amassed enough of each type over the years to serve as your primary option. But have you ever really examined how it modifies your clothing? A quality hanger can add years to the life of a garment, so it’s important to use the right one for each item of clothing.

Hooks made of wood

You can’t find more aesthetically pleasing or long-lasting hangers than these. You can count on them to keep their form and they’re typically wider than comparable hangers. Moreover, different types of wood have different properties that make them effective at keeping pests away. Heavy outerwear like coats and blazers benefit most from these.

Cloth-covered hooks

Velvet hangers are ideal for hanging delicate items because of the non-slip quality of the velvet.

They are visually appealing and can be found in a rainbow of colors.

And because they don’t leave points in the shoulders, they can be used successfully with cotton clothing as well.

Pipe Hooks

These hangers have the same sturdiness as wooden ones. They prevent your clothes dry cleaning from stretching out as well. The only drawback of this hanger is that it is not as widely available in stores, so it must be special ordered and typically costs a bit more money.

Cloth and satin hangers

In addition to being ideal for your delicates, these hangers can hold a wide variety of garments. Additionally, they are padded to prolong the life of your clothing.


Having a guarantee that help will be provided on the same day makes life so much simpler, don’t you agree? Particularly when it comes to the garments you wear!

To illustrate how revolutionary ZIPS’s new same-day service truly is, here are four examples:

1. We promise to have you in and out by 5 o’clock (if you come between 9 and).

If you drop off your clothes dry cleaning at ZIPS before 9 a.m., you can expect to have them back by 5 p.m. That amounts to essentially a drop-off in the morning before you head to work and a pick-up in the evening after you clock out. Designed specifically to fit your work schedule and alleviate some of the stress you’re under. Honestly, I can’t think of anything better. It doesn’t matter if you drop off five or fifteen items of clothing before 9 in the morning; they will all be cleaned and folded by 5 in the afternoon. The quantity is never an issue, and the standard is always high.

Secondly, we’ll make sure you know the latest developments at all times.

Get updates via email or text message from the time you drop off your clothes until they’re ready to be picked up. We promise to have your clothes ironing services ready by 5 PM, but if we finish them sooner, you will be notified right away.

You Can Always Count on Us, and We’re Available Anytime

The EZ Drop boxes in many of our ZIPS areas are accessible around the clock. In other words, it is not a big deal if you are unable to visit the store during its normal operating hours. Dump your luggage in the designated area and you’re good to go!

4. You can put your back (and your shirt) on our shoulders.

When was the last time you needed your best suit or dress for a meeting or event, but forgot until the last minute that you needed it? ZIPS will take good care of your clothing and return it to you quickly so that you can get back to looking and feeling great. Enjoy your day off today by using the ZIPS same-day service.


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