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Why Sales Persons Need CRM – Top 9 Benefits

Why Sales Persons Need CRM – Top 9 Benefits

For a person who is habitual in using the CRM platform. It is very difficult for him to imagine the world without it. One advantage of using CRM is that it can easily keep a record of everything related to management. Your customer relationship can include keynotes, data, metrics and much more in the same place. Being the Microsoft dynamics CRM partners or using CRM in your company will be beneficiary for all aspects of your organisation. CRM will unify all of your customer support and services, including the marketing and needs related to sales. The CRM is undoubtedly the best tool for your business without any second thought. 

Some statistics of CRM productivity:

  • According to Hubspot, 75% of sales managers believe that CRM helps drive and increase their sales.
  • According to Salesforce, sales increased by 29% after they started using the CRM system. 
  • According to TrackVia, a CRM increase the revenue per salesperson by approx 41%
  • According to the Global Customer Service Study, three out of four consumers say they happily spend more money with the company because they get a very nice customer experience.

CRM benefits for a sales person:

It has many benefits out of which some are follows:

1 – Lead management:

Sales persons can easily capture leads directly from multiple sources and segment them based on characteristics such as demographics, buying habits, tastes and preferences. This can be done through the Leads module in CRM. By gaining key insights from the marketing department, sales reps can improve the marketing process by tailoring their responses to individual prospects. Being able to move leads through all marketing channels is a difficult task. Lead management is something that can make this task easier.

2 – Activity management:

The project/activity management feature makes life easier for salespeople by keeping a record of all their activities, including those that are completed and the scheduled ones. This CRM feature reduces the chance of missing opportunities. It keeps track of all scheduled meetings, calls, tasks, and provides a comprehensive view so that nothing is left out. Furthermore, you can also use CRM and phone integration to place calls faster and provide better customer service. Sales professionals can also set priorities against scheduled events and notify you whenever an activity, such as a call or meeting, is due.

3 – Centralised data and info:

Before any sales call begins, salespeople must have all the relevant customer data at their fingertips. Based on past call history, salespeople will know which customer and product they had interest in. This will reduce call time and allow the agent to serve the customer in a more organised manner.

4 – Sales forecasting:

A sales CRM will provide a management system and real-time data that can be analyse to improve the organisation’s performance. By monitoring data sets related to call volume, time management, recovery costs, revenue per call, and more, managers can devise strategies by leveraging sales CRM to retain customers and increase sales.

5 – Mobile CRM:

Mobile CRM allows salespeople to access customer and account data on their mobile phone/tablet while on the go. By having access to critical information such as product information, account reports, price lists, etc. Salespeople can make the right decisions quickly and respond to prospects quickly. Less time is wasted searching for contacts and trying to remember your last conversation, and more time can be spent on meaningful and meaningful conversations. Therefore, the result of using mobile CRM development services will be a faster customer buying process, resulting in better conversion rates. 

6 – Reports:

Reports provide salespeople and marketing managers with a consolidated view of all business information. It also include goal-setting and performance analysis data. Using a customised dashboard, marketers can easily track their progress with detailed performance information to date. CRM software can provide salespeople with an easy way to monitor their performance and strive to improve.

7 – Social media reports: 

Managing CRM and social media tools allows you to understand your customers’ demographics, interests and preferences, purchasing behaviour, and more. This will help speed up the sales process by allowing you to identify the leads that have the highest potential to be converted into business.

8 – Analytics:

With CRM analysis, sales persons can target individual customers, learn which customers are getting the most profits over time, and more. They will be able to better predict customer preferences, anticipate future needs, and address other issues that affect various business decisions. CRM systems help improve customer relationships and customer retention. 

9 – Email tracking:

Sending email campaigns to customers and not knowing how to reach them on the other side can be demoralising. With email tracking features, sales reps can track who opened their emails, when they opened them, and if they clicked on any links included in the email. By getting real-time information, you can take immediate action while your leads are still hot.


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