Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency in Vancouver

Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency in Vancouver

If you’re looking to bring new staff into your business, it can be hard to find the right people, especially when you’re looking on your own. That’s why you should use a recruitment agency in Vancouver that can help you meet your needs quickly and easily. Here are some reasons why you should use a recruitment agency in Vancouver instead of doing everything yourself.

The Cost of Hiring

Employers can expect to pay recruitment agencies vancouver anywhere from 20% to 30% of their annual salary for the employee. If you hire someone for $40,000 per year, you will be paying the agency $8,000-12,000. This is not the only cost associated with hiring via an agency. The company also needs to factor in any other costs such as training and orientation for new employees. In some cases, these expenses may outweigh what employers would save by using an employment agency in Vancouver. An employment agency that does not charge a fee at all is rare, but there are reputable firms out there that do charge reasonable fees for their services. To find these firms, it’s best to ask people who have been on both sides of the transaction (employers who have hired through an employment agency vancouver as well as those who have used employment agencies themselves).

The Quality of Candidates

It’s important to make sure that the recruitment agency you work with is reputable and has a good selection of quality candidates. There are many agencies in the Vancouver area and it can be hard to know which one to go with. We have compiled some information about some of the best recruitment agencies we’ve found so you can find the perfect one for your needs. One great example is Advantage Staffing Solutions, which recruits based on both location and industry expertise. They also offer flexible hours and are very reliable, giving them an advantage over other staffing firms in this category.

The Time it Takes to Fill a Position

If you’re hiring for a position, the time it takes to fill that position can vary greatly depending on how many qualified candidates you have and how many positions you need to fill. For example, if your company has one job opening and there are five qualified candidates looking for work, then that job will likely be filled within two months. However, if your company has ten job openings and only two qualified candidates, then those jobs will take significantly longer to fill as each individual job is competing with nine others. When you use recruitment agencies in Vancouver like Morris & Leckie they’ll help recruiters match with appropriate job seekers so that they don’t have to do all of the heavy lifting themselves!

The Convenience

Working with job agencies in vancouver can be more cost-effective than hiring your own staff. The agency will charge you by the hour or day, which is usually cheaper than paying someone on an hourly basis. Employment agencies Vancouver and recruitment agencies vancouver also provide benefits like resume reviews, assistance with interviews, and general career advice. So if you are looking for help finding new talent for your company, this type of job agency in Vancouver may suit your needs best.


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